Friday, January 14, 2011

What Cross-Border shopping got me!

I am fortunate enough to live just 20 minutes from the nearest border crossing, so I have US mailing address that I can have parcels sent to.  I went on a little post-Christmas shopping spree last week and this what I got!

All of this cost me $95 including shipping and handling, taxes and minimal exchange.  My best estimate is that I saved about $60 IF I could have found the same items here.   I bought from 3 different shops, but could have saved more if I had been able to get it all at one.

Don't get me wrong - I normally prefer to shop local when I can and I have the best LQS within 10 minutes of my home, but some things just can't be found in Canada.  I've been waiting forever for PURE, but it's been difficult for the wholesalers to get enough stock in, I've been told.  And that Moda Scrap Bag - heavenly - I was lucky enough to get Happy! by My and My sisters.

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