Friday, January 28, 2011

Evolution of a crafty room - Part One

It all started with a dream of my very own space to create and an idea from the internet: 

After almost 10 years of kids moving in and out, there was light at the end of the tunnel.  My daughter, her husband and baby had been living with me for close to 2 years as he went through the immigration process (he is from New Zealand) and saved to purchase a home. With townhouse prices hovering near the quarter-million dollar mark, it was the only way for them to get into a home of their own and we were getting along great!  Finally, they were able to purchase right around the corner from me, almost next door to my other daughter - lucky me, both my girls live within a 2-minute walk.  They moved out on February 4, 2010 and I made a run to IKEA the following weekend!

My little man helped me build it (he is 17-months in this picture and loves tools!):

Please ignore the '90s - style sponge painting - that's why this is titled an evolution!

I bought Insul-brite batting and a pink-striped pillow ticking to make the cover.  I stapled the batting to the underside of the top (2 layers thick) and then realized the drawers wouldn't open and close properly - I couldn't face pulling all those staples so I haven't redone it as of yet.  I made the cover with a casing and just like my grandma's ironing board, I threaded it with kitchen string and pulled it tight.  I find it gives me a much better fit than elastic; call me funny that way!

So now I have a 17" x 6-ft long ironing table, complete with drawers and shelves.  This is how it looks today.  Cutting mat on one end, 3 projects piled on the other and a great ironing surface!

That is all I got done the first month.  I just had to go take this in, since it was taking place in my backyard:

This is as close as we could get to the 2010 Olympic cauldron without a 3-hour wait.

View of Robson St. looking towards the dome of BC Place Stadium. I've never seen so many people in one place.

The Vancouver Library - I proud to say my daughter designed the layout of the fifth floor!

Thousands of Inuksuks were built impromptly by visitors on the rock-lined shore of False Creek.  It was an amazing sight!


  1. This is so awesome! What a great idea...and you can store things underneath! What are they doing with the cauldron?

  2. Hi, Jean - thanks for commenting - I do love my table. The cauldron is where the Olympic flame burned for the 2010 games. They are relighting it this month to commemerate the first anniversary.

  3. I forgot to mention last time I was here...I purchased that table years is in the garage, my DH uses it for his work bench and tools...I think I am going to ask for it back the idea for an ironing board

  4. I have a potting bench sitting on my back porch not being use for anything of real purpose and your bench reminded me of it! I'm going to pull that little puppy indoors and make me an ironing/cutting board workbench. My bench is not as long as your bench but it will fit in my space quite nicely. Never would have thought to re-purpose my bench until I saw yours. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Gmama Jane