Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Stash Report, Week 8

20 lbs of fabric are winging their way to New Brunswick this week!

Unfortunately, I can't count it out because I was the recipient of a garbage bag full of scraps ;o). My quilting friend, Kim, has decided she doesn't like scrappy quilts, so she has gifted my daughter and I all her leftovers. My daughter got first pick at it to build her stash, and the rest came to me. Some went in the box above and the rest in my scrap basket to be cut down a la the Scrap Users System. 

I made sure that I put enough yardage from my stash in the box to offset the addition. I tried to put mostly good size pieces of what I had already used in my scrappy quilts. I'm not counting any of the fabric in or out, since it all happened in the same week.

A fellow quilter and ex-military wife has recently gone through some hard times, so I'm sending her a care package of cottons and other fabrics. I hope she can make good use of it.  Did you know a metre of cotton fabric weighs about 3-4 oz, so 20 lbs is about 70 metres! (at an average of 3.5oz for each metre)  Sure would make my numbers look impressive, but I feel like I'm cheating. Glad it will go to good use. 

Added this week: 0 metres
Added this year: 19.8metres
Used this week: 16 metres
Used this year: 17 metres
Added/Used this year: 2.8 metres

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Splendid Sampler - Update and linky-party

It's been one year since the Splendid Sampler quilt-along started and there is a linky party to celebrate. Sadly, I quickly fell off the bandwagon, mostly because I have too many projects on the go, and my room was a disorganized mess.  I've been working hard to correct both those situations!

I did manage to finish the following:

( I apologize for the poor quality of the photo - I need a new camera!)

  • 6 blocks completed with sashing and quilted using the quilt-as-you-go method
  • 2 blocks pieced
  • 2 blocks prepped and ready for embroidery
Today, I plan on getting several more blocks cut and kitted, and maybe get the two pieced ones quilted.

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Verre de Mar En Provence - Details

My "Verre de Mer en Provence" or Sea Glass in Provence is finished (unless my daughter decides she wants a queen-size!)

16 blocks with 76 pieces each:

40 sashings with 18 pieces each, plus 25 cornerstones with 4 pieces each:

Then two borders with a total of 843 pieces (corner shown above - most accurate picture of the colours).

Total number of pieces: 2,879

Finished size: 87 1/2" x 87 1/2"

Total yardage used: 13.5 metres

Once my daughter makes up her mind, it's off the long-armer!

Thanks, Bonnie, for another wonderful mystery.  To see more wonderful quilts and colour combos, be sure to check out Bonnie's link-up party!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sunday Stash Report, Week 7

Finally!  A big finish to report - Verre de Mer en Provence (Sea Glass in Provence) is a flimsy!

Thanks to this:

Followed by this:

I had plenty of time to sew!  There was no driving to work, no driving anywhere for a week. The schools were closed, and it was crazy around here.  Thankfully, we are back to normal, it's 10c (50F) and raining, so the snow is melting.

Added this week: 0 metres
Added this year: 19.8metres
Used this week: 16 metres
Used this year: 17 metres
Added/Used this year: 2.8 metres

I also made some placemats for the grands!  Maybe I'll make a series of holiday ones for them this year - they sure enjoyed getting them.

If I can keep this up, maybe I'll get some positive numbers.  I'll share more about En Provence later this week.

I missed the linkup to Judy's Sunday Stash Report but this more for me anyway!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow weekend! Sunday Stash Report, Week 6

Nothing in, nothing out makes for a boring report but there has been sewing going on. It has been snowing steadily since Friday afternoon, and as of this morning we officially had 77 cm (30 in), with more on the way. What better way than to spend the time sewing!

I've been slowly plugging away at my En Provence blocks, and being distracted by requests for more insulin pump bands, fixing stuffed animals, making Valentines placemats and sewing with my grandson!

Alex and I have been working on and off on his dinosaur for almost a year now. I only worked on it when he could help and stopped when he lost attention. He has learned how to use a pattern, cut it out, sew on the machine, do the running stitch and the whip stitch and stuff the pieces. This weekend was the final stuffing and adding the details, such as the spots!

Voila! Snaggles is finished!

He sewed every one of these spots himself!  It is wonderful to see his patience grow and learn to problem-solve without getting frustrated like he did in the beginning.

He is so proud of himself!  (Brr, he makes me cold just looking at him! This is one hot-blooded kid).  He is wearing his new insulin pump band as well.  Love this kid!

Pattern for the dinosaur is Menagerie by Lier at 19 stuffies from one basic pattern - it is full of ideas and very well-written.

Tomorrow has been declared a snow day - good thing, because I can't find my car!

Since I never counted in the fabric for the stuffies, and the insulin pump bands are recycled from old T-shirts, I didn't have anything to count out. Next week will definitely be different!

Added this week: 0 metres
Added this year: 19.8metres
Used this week: 0.00 metres
Used this year: 1.00 metres
Added/Used this year: 18.8 metres