Monday, January 3, 2011

Button, button - who's got the button?

One of my earliest memories is playing with my mother's button box so it wasn't surprising that when I had a chance to pick something from my grandmother's estate, I chose a battered tin full of buttons.  When mom passed away 10 years ago, one of the things I took from her sewing room was her collection of buttons.  They used to reside in an old tobacco tin and when her granddaughters were little (she had six!), she would give them muffin tins and let them sort the buttons to keep them occupied.  Eventually, she got rid of the old tobacco tin and left the buttons sorted by colour in old baby food jars. I had all my buttons in an old plastic basket, but now that I've got a sewing room, I'm sorting all those old buttons and putting them in jelly jars on IKEA shelves.  They are going to look so pretty up there!

I won't be letting the grandson play with them any time soon, even if he doesn't put things in his mouth.  After all, he is only 2!

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