Friday, January 14, 2011

Giveaways on the 'net!

Since I've discovered quilting and sewing blogs, I have found that there are a huge amount of generous ladies out there giving away FREE stuff!  As I go through my boxes of stash, I'm putting aside some things I've never used, never finished, or just plain will never get to and will have a giveaway or two of my own down the road.  In the meantime, these lovely ladies ask that we share the news of their giveaways on our own blogs, so here is one I found today (now if I could only figure out how to put those cute buttons up!):

Jenn at Little Ladybugs Creations is giving away a honey bun (1 1/2 strips of a full fabric line) called Clementine by Me and My Sister Designs for MODA.  She is apparently lucky enought to live near the MODA warehouse.  This fabric line is full of sunny oranges, lavendars, sky blues, and lime greens with fun, funky prints and patterns. What a perfect way to add some sunshine to these gloomy winter days!  Here's a picture:


And for some great ideas for what to do with Honey Buns, Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs (and the definitions) check out MODA's Bake Shop - it's filled with free ideas and tutorials.

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