Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Mystery Quilt time again!

Bonnie Hunter has done it again!  It's called Easy Street and includes two of my favourite colours, aqua and lime green, so I am in.  I'm changing it up a bit with more emphasis on the purple and less on the lime, so that if my daughter likes it, I will size it up to King Size and gift it to her and her husband.  Here's a mockup of the colours in the proportions, based on Bonnie's estimated yardage.

I made this using my scrapbooking software (Storybook Creator 4.0 by Creative Memories), so these are samples of scrapbook paper, not actually fabric.  My colours will be close, maybe a bit richer.
Don't you just love it!  Bonnie had suggested 3 yards of the lime green, 3 1/4 of the aqua and 2 of the purple, but I'm going to use 2 yards of lime, 3 of aqua and 3 1/4 of the purple.  I have everything on hand except the grey and maybe a few black-on-whites.  I can't wait to start!!
I've already talked one friend into joining us, why don't you too?  The mystery starts November 23rd (the day after the American Thanksgiving) and will have one step posted every Friday through to about New Year's or so.  Last year, I made some each week to make sure I had the technique down pat.  I finished it up by the end of January - the fastest I had ever made a quilt start to finish, and it was also the largest! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Off to a quilt show today!

 For locals, it's presented by the Chilliwack Piecemakers Guild at the Allicance Church on Young Road in Chilliwack.

Hopefully, I'll be back with pictures later today! In the meantime, enjoy a few pics from other quilt shows and classes I've been to in the past (as far back as 2004 so not many details).

From an outdoor quilt show in Victoria, BC back in 2004.
Amazing machine-embroidered quilt, matching shams and pillowcases at the same quilt show.
Detail on quilt
Matching Pillow cases and back of sham
Quilt made by Judy Niemeyer - from a class that she taught right here in my town in 2007.  Love that border! (Not Judy in pic - this was the best shot I could get)
Christmas Bargello by Darrcie