Saturday, May 27, 2023

One-Hour Project - Flamingo Pouch

 It's amazing what you can get done in one hour. I had to run a scan on my work computer, so of course, that meant I had a free hour (and a bit)!

My daughter asked for a little bag to hold some card games for an upcoming girls' trip that she, her sister and two close friends are taking. Of course, I had to do it!

The cards had a tropical theme, so I pulled out some Tula Pink fabric that suited it. (Daydreamer Pretty In Pink - Flamingos)

And here is the result - a custom-size pouch! 

The bottom is about a 4x5" rectangle, but when I boxed the corners, I didn't cut the flaps of the exterior fabric. Instead, I stitched the flaps done to give the bottom a bit of body. With fuschia ribbons inserted in the casing, it closes tight and nothing will fall out.

Love the placement of that shrimp! It is lined with another Tula Pink - Zuma Glitter in neon pink.

The light fabric makes it easy to see inside the pouch, and here it is filled and ready to be packed!

The girls are off to Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) off the north coast of BC (just south of the most southern point of Alaska to do some rock hunting and glamping. Can't wait to see their pictures!

Monday, January 2, 2023


I used to be a prolific cross-stitcher, but once I started quilting in earnest, it dropped by the wayside for about the last 20 years. I've been seeing a lot of cross-stitching blogs and posts on Facebook, and I've decided to dip my toes back in (gently of course ---ha-ha!) I ordered a kit from Stitchonomy for their Christmas Stitch-along and got the first row done.

Then I ended up with COVID...after 5 of my 8 family members got it the week leading up to Christmas, I was the last to fall. I'm still coughing but will be able to go back to work tomorrow (boo), but cross-stitching has been a nice distraction while I recover. I'll post pictures once I feel a little better! 

And that has been my 15 minutes of stitching for the first two day of the new year. I failed miserably in 2022, so no updates for that, but hopefully this year will be better. Linking up to Kate's Life in Pieces blog linky party and planning on keeping it up in 2023!

Happy New Year to all!  Terri in BC

Thursday, December 29, 2022

2023 Plans

Almost Happy New Year!!

With only 2 1/2 days left until the calendar changes to 2023, I've been thinking a lot about the goals and changes I want to make this coming year. I am only two years away from full retirement, so I also have to start thinking about succession planning. When my boss and I went over it, he finally realized I am doing the job of three people, (branch manager, mortgage broker/underwriter, investment consultant and compliance officer), so he thinks we will have to hire two full-time people, and I will continue to do the compliance on a part-time basis (good for me, as I will keep my benefits!)

I have quilting, cross-stitch and crafting plans, so I have joined Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl 's
#2023 Planning Party. I was led to this by Barb at Cat Patches. (If you're looking for a good blog to follow, she posts almost daily and has a great sense of humour) PS: I'm Canadian, hence the spelling difference! I also have some personal goals, so I'm going to add those at the end of the post, so that I can hold myself accountable.

Goal #1.  Finish some quilts, make progress on some quilts, and start some quilts.  

I'm great at starting quilts, not so good at finishing them, so this year I'm focusing on finishes and progress. I will let my self start a couple, though!

Obviously some blanks to fill, but if I get the first six items finished this year, it will be wonderful!

Goal #2 - Spend 15 minutes a day stitching something, whether is hand stitching, cross-stitching, embroidery, sewing machine piecing or practicing on my new mid-arm machine.

Goal #3 - Speaking of my new machine, I would like to develop my free-motion quilting skills. I got some new books this Christmas for Graffiti Quilting, by Karlee Porter - I love her style.

Goal #4 - Get my studio under control. I need to purge and organize everything that is left, so that I can make the best use of my space. I did put in new cabinets in this year, so now that I have good storage and a defined space, it's time to do the purge!

I also need to press, cut and sort my scraps. I already have a system in place, but I was given a lot of scraps this past year. What I don't keep gets sent to my niece (same age as me on my ex-husband's side!) who has a group of quilters that do things for charity. The last couple of years, they focused on scrub bags and hats for nursing personnel, who were coping with the Covid crisis.

Personally, I need to prepare for three upcoming trips! I want to lose 50 lbs., build up my stamina and lung capacity so that I can do a lot of walking. My first trip will be less strenuous, as I am off to Mexico with my youngest daughter's family. The next one will be to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, so I need to be ready by May. The last one is tentatively booked for Provence, France and the French Riviera.

Wish me luck!!  Terri in BC

Saturday, October 29, 2022

It's finally Fall! - What I've been working on

I had high hopes for the summer, but the weather was too nice to be in my basement sewing studio.

We had a very long, wet spring, but summer was glorious and the warm weather just ended this past week. Unfortunately the last month was smoke-filled due to numerous forest fires near us on both sides of the border. Fall is definitely here, but we may even have snow next week!! Work kept me busy, but now we are winding down a big project, so I'll have more free time.

I finally have felt some motivation to start putzing and getting things organized, and as I'm going along, I finishing a few things.

I pulled out a cutting project that stalled, and in small increments this week, I got it finished up.

It is all the pieces for Bonnie Hunter's Jingle Bell Square, even the sashings.(Pattern found in her book Addicted to Scraps - ps: the book is on sale, with a free pattern as well). I'm saving this to assemble during my Christmas break. I have done some test blocks, so I have 3 of 49 blocks done. See those red/green 1" strips? Instead of cutting out the strips separately, I sewed the strips together and cut the 4 matching pairs. This will save me a lot of time later on.

Strip sets ready for cutting!

A look at my messy work area. I do all my piecing on a 1947 Featherweight.

More projects behind the machine - each basket has parts for future scrappy quilts.

This project was a great way to use up some old Christmas fabrics - a lot came from my mom's collection and from fabric bags she made. She's been gone for 22 years now, so it is going to be a great memory quilt for one of my daughers.

Next up today - opening up my new-to-me 222 Featherweight!  I've dreamed of owning one of these for a long time. I can't wait to try it out.

Have a great day,


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Happy First Day of Summer!

 It doesn't feel like it yet, but today is the first day of summer. The morning started with some sun, but just like it has for the last 8 months, it slowly moved to rain. I don't want to jink it, but maybe, just maybe the sun will come out on Thursday when the kids are finished school, and stick around for a bit!

The downside of the hot weather means that we will be on flood watch once again. Last November, we had terrible flooding in our area - so much so that my city became an island cut off from the outside world for a full week, and limited access for three weeks after. I worked from home for that whole period of time.

This is my route facing east towards home - and that is Highway #1, the Trans-Canada Highway running down the middle. They don't expect this area to flood again, but there are other areas that are in jeopardy. Needless to say, I will be bringing my computer home this weekend just in case.

Last Saturday I went to Quilt Canada, which was being held in Vancouver, about an hour away. I can't let it get this close without going, but I must say, I was somewhat disappointed. Probably because of the pandemic, I felt that it didn't have nearly as many entries, nor as many vendors as the one I attended four years ago. I'm still up in the air about the Best of Show winner. It was beautiful, but really pushes the boundaries of what I "think" a quilt is. You can see it and all the winners at Canadian

It is exquisite in its detail, and the border and the centre medallion had cutouts (it looked like Indian glass (Shisha) embroidery at first), with beading added. There were also very large beads like cabachons added with embroidery. It really was a toss-up for me whether this was an embroidery piece or a quilt piece, hence my hesitancy as to whether to consider it as Best in Show at a quilt show.

My favourite piece didn't win anything, It was called Dear Humans, but for some reason I didn't take a picture of it. Hopefully, I'll find it soon and post it. 

Now I'm off to sew for a bit!

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Committing to 15 minutes a day of stitching

If nothing else this year, I want to get back in the habit of spending time doing something each day that I love, and one of those things is anything stitching related. It helps me relax after a tough day at work, and activates the right side of my brain after using the left side all day. In my work life, I am a branch manager of a mortgage and investmant company, so after dealing with numbers, playing with fabric and thread is so much fun!

Kate at Life in Pieces hosts a weekly check-in that I'll be following.  She has counted today as Week 1 of 2022, but since she has been doing this for a number of years, it also captures her last week of 2021.  I'll be starting next Sunday, and counting today as Day 1 of my first week. I'll follow her format plus adding one more tally - fabric in and out!

I used to track my fabric in and out, which helped me curb my purchases and motivated me to use up what I had. I don't bother counting what I already have, I just try to use more than I buy.  So my posts will look like this:

  • 15 minute days/week 1 =  /7
  • 15 minute days/week (month) =  /31(or 30 or 28) days
  • Success rate for (month) = (# of days stitched/# of month) expressed as a percentage %
  • 15 minute days/2022 =  /(# of days year-to-date)
  • Success rate for 2022 = (# of days stitched/# of days year-to-date) expressed as a percentage %
  • Fabric used = # of metres (counted at flimsy stage and when backing/binding added, or donated/sold)
  • Fabric gained (purchased, gifted) = # of metres
  • Net fabric used/gain

You'll note I have Fabric gained as purchased or gifted - I have two friends who have been destashing and sending fabric my way. I have been sorting through it and donating most of it to good causes. I also plan on selling some select items through a destash group, and will donate the profits. Some of my personal stash has made its way out in the last year, and I plan on continuing to do so.

Since a post isn't any fun without pictures, here is my latest finish and what I'm working on:

Dragon lap quilt (extra-long) for my son-in-law.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it quilted in time due to an allergic reaction that affected my eye. 

December 23rd (don't mind the bed-head!)

December 30th, a week later. 

It's now been two weeks since it flared up, and it is slowing going down. It now looks like I got popped in the eye! Good thing I don't have a partner, people would be looking at him funny.

What I'm currently working on:  I have 3 main projects on the go, all Bonnie Hunter quilts.

Quilt One is her current Mystery Quilt, Rhododendron Trail. I have completed up to Step 3 and currently working on cutting out Step 4. I'm doing the cutting for 2 quilts, as my friend Kim is doing them as well, but gets confused when it comes to the cutting. This is her Step 3 cut, with a sample of how to put them together with Step 1. 

We recently discovered someone's method of sorting parts using paper plates, and it has been a game changer for Kim. She has picked up some older projects and been able to move ahead, thanks to this method.

Quilt 2 is QuiltMaker magazine's mystery quilt - Ruby Jubilee, based on Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps column. 

I'm doing mine in teals and aquas, and you can see my units for the pinwheel block in this photo. Kim is doing hers in solid pinks, as seen in the upper corner. I'll do more detailed posts on both of these.

Quilt 3 I'm completing as a Leader/Ender project in between the other two. It is Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake mystery quilt from a few years back, and my 15 minutes a day project. I have all the units made and I'm now assembling the blocks. I hope to have this flimsy finished by the end of the month. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

More UFOs for #Ufovember 2021!

 The project to list all my UFO has turned into a squirrel project for me! Everything I touch calls out "finish me"!

UFO #5 (I call it Posy) from my last post has turned into a completed flimsy, and is packaged and ready to be shipped to the longarmer. I'm just waiting for my bestie, Kim, to bring hers over and we'll send them off. Larger quilts like this will still go to the LA, both for speed and lack of space at my place.

I've added a two-inch border of the feature fabric since this picture was taken, as I felt it needed an edge. I'll post more about this quilt in another post.

A few more UFOs for the list:

UFO #6 Penny Patch (free tutorial from Stitched in Color). I was really drawn to Rachel's original version, which she called Vintage Tangerine, so I started it in June. I don't know if it is really classed as an UFO, since it is my most recent start, but it did get put aside for a month or two, but I decided since it was the closest at hand, I used it as Leaders & Enders while I finished up my Posy quilt.

Now I have all the blocks made, and here they are laid out on my design wall (bed!), along with my helper, Daisy. Hopefully, they will get sewn together tonight! 

My almost 80-year-old aunt made the cutest comment on Facebook when she saw this picture: I want to be a young girl and paint my room and accessorize it to match that quilt! Lol
So I plan on surprising her with it when it is done!

UFO #7 On Ringo Lake by Bonnie Hunter This was a Mystery Quilt from 2017, and I have managed to complete about 1 step a year, as Leaders & Enders. I've been pushing to try and get it down this year, and I just might be able to do it!  

UFO #8 Flower Girl  I fell in love with Maureen McCormick's (of Brady Bunch fame) Blooming Bunch fabric line - it reminded me of my teenage years in the '70s. I picked Camille Roskelley's pattern Flower Girl to do it in. I don't do a lot of quilts with just one fabric line, but I couldn't help myself with this one. This one will be for me!

The next three are all using Tula Pink fabrics. I love her vibrant colours.

UFO #9 Rainbow Waves This one uses a single line called Zuma, which is ocean-themed. This is another quilt that Kim and I are each making one, and we each bought a kit. Turns out the kits were cut so generously, that there is about 3/4s of the second kit left over. That's okay, I love scraps!

UFO #10 Tula Pink Butterfly A lot of those leftovers are going to end up in this next quilt. Again, both Kim and I are going to make one each, Kim is pinks and purples, mine will also have mint/teals added.

UFO #11 100 Quilt Blocks in 100 Days - a quilt-along by Gnome Angel, using her Kinship Pattern. This shouldn't be a UFO at this point since I only started it in July, but work got extremely crazy and it got put aside.  I did get 10 blocks done.

 Each of the quilts I have listed were started in the last 2 years, with the exception of On Ringo Lake. I'm only going to allow myself to start 2 more quilts until I finish my inventory and choose my focus projects. Both are mystery quilts - On Rhododendren Trail by Bonnie Hunter, and Quiltmaker's Ruby Jubilee using Bonnie Hunter blocks! Both started last week, and I love doing these as a de-stresser over the busy Christmas season.

I'll be doing individual posts on all of my UFO quilts once I have inventoried them all.