Thursday, January 20, 2011

The rest of 2010 finishes

Finally I have all my pictures downloaded, but I missed a couple of things - oh, well!

My final 2010 finish (literally, at 9:30pm on New Years eve) was Alex's cuddle quilt:

This was a simple quilt that I should have finished long ago.  The section of squares was purchased as a single unit in 2008, and I intended to do it as soon as I found out my daughter was having a boy -never happened as I wasn't feeling the sewing mojo then.  Move ahead a year and half, and I decided to make it large enough to cover a twin bed, bought some flannel for the top and bottom which didn't quite match, started tie-quilting it - still not feeling it, put it aside for another year.  Flash forward to Spring 2010 - I have a spare room for the first time in years, I painted it, bought some new tables, etc. and I now have a craft room.  When I was pulling out boxes and bins, I came across this and made up my mind I was going to finish it in 2010 come hell or high water and I did!  Done is better than perfect!

I decided to make pyjamas for Alex; I used an old pattern that my mom used for my brother.  Alex modeled the pants for me (somewhat relucantly):

They must have made kids differently back then - the pants would have fit a 4-year-old, but the tops barely fit a 1-year-old.  Alex used them to dress a teddy bear.

Shoulda caught that when I was cutting them out ;o)  So I went back for more fabric.  Of course I couldn't find it so settled on some solids and made bottoms to match the tops for gifts for my new grand-nephews!

I also made 2 Lazy Girl Wallets, 2 Long John money holders and a knitted eyelash yarn scarf since I started sewing again.  I am thanking the Craft Gods for giving my interest back!


  1. Alex is a cutie! Love the quilt, too. Is that the little guy who got sick on Friday?

  2. Thanks, DSQ! Yes, that is my poor little man who got sick and then so kindly passed it on to me and his parents. He's much better now.