Friday, January 7, 2011

December Finishes

I still haven't downloaded all my pics from December yet, but here are a couple of finishes.  On a spur of the moment, Kim and I made microwave cooking bags for our daughters.  A slight miscalculation on my part meant we bought enough fabric to make 8, not 4 and some additions to our stash!

Lined with polka dots!

I even made up this cute recipe card to match:

And this tree skirt I'm counting as a finish because it made it under the tree, but I do still have to back it, quilt it and finish the edge.  It set off my purple and aqua decorations beautifully.  It is another Judy Niemeyer pattern and I picked up a sweet deal and bought four more patterns of hers, for just $17 total! 

I have a lot of UFOs at this flimsy stage, but this I don't count as a UFO yet because I finished the top within the same month as starting it AND it's still at the top of the pile for finishing.  A UFO (UnFinished Object) is one that has been abandoned for at least a year.  Believe me, I have a lot of those!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Potato info...I can use that alot. I've made some potato bags but didn't have this info.

    The tree skirt is beautiful!

    I have quite a few UFO's but I'm getting them down a few at a time. Just keep plugging and it'll happen.