Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

1. Family comes first!  This is really my only resolution this year - I want to be 100% in the moment when it comes to family.  It is especially important this year, with having a 2-year-old grandson and another grandchild on the way.

The rest of these are just because:
2. Be a better blogger - update all 3 of my blogs at least once a week.
    (My other blogs are for my scrapbooking friends  and my family history findings).
3. Finish more UFO's than projects I start!
4. Learn how to properly machine quilt (this may require a new machine ;o)

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Word for the year is CHANGE.  Change the way I work, play and view the world. Change what I put in my body and what comes out of my mouth.  Change my outlook on life.

Last year's word was JOY and it helped me immensely to have a focus word.  The end result was I enjoyed the experience of being a grandmother more, rediscovered my joy of sewing and quilting, rediscovered some friends, and even found my chronic depression lifting - so much so that I may be able to make a change to my treatment plan!  That is the most exciting thing for me since I had it from most of life, it was diagnosed after 20 years of suffering, and I'm now 15 years after diagnosis.

Have you made any this year?

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