December 31/13 - In light of my 2014 Word of the Year, FINISH, it is time to update and prioritize my UFO and WIP list.  As usual, I have moved my finished projects to the bottom, but soon they will have their own page!


April 15/13 - Judy of Patchwork Times is hosting a UFO parade today so I figured it was time to update my list.  I have failed on my commitment to not start any new projects until I finish at least five on my original list, so I've added more since my last update - as of today I have 48 unfinished objects!


December 22/12 - Since I had already made up my mind to finish 2 projects before I start a new one, I've decided that I'm joining the 2013: Year of the Finished Project as well as continuing working on UFOs on Sunday afternoons.


August 27/12 - As I was getting ready for a garage sale, Leah Day of The Free Motion Project announced a new challenge, a weekly UFO day.  Starting August 27, she has designated Sundays as "Work on your UFO day" and she will have a Linky Party for what we have all accomplished.  Perfect timing!

I'm setting up this page (if I can figure it out!) so I can list all my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and WIPs (Works in Progress) in one place, have links to their related posts, thereby tracking my progress and celebrate my finishes.

Eventually, I want to have links on each name so I can go back and just see the posts related to that quilt.  I think I need to learn more about blogger before I do that!

Here it is - in no particular order until I review the project and determine where I am at.  As I pull each project, I'll add a photo of its current state, what needs to be done next or what is stopping me from moving forward, and put it in the order I'd like to get it done.  I am also committing to no new projects until I finish at least five on this list.   Big fat fail - I've added my newest UFOs just before the Finished Projects list - at this point, nothing is a Work-in-Progress!  Finished projects will appear at the bottom for the time being, I'm contemplating another page for those if I get enough done.

1. Current Leaders and Enders Project - 2" Charms

August 27/12 - decide on a layout - Done!

November 3/13 - assembly stage - last ring to go

December 29/13 - Flimsy finshed!  

Stats - 63" x 63", 1376 1.5" (finished size) squares, fabrics date from early 1970's to 2013.  Started as a leader/ender project in 2010.

2. Easy Street - King Size

Started November 23/12 as a Mystery Quilt

January/13 - readjust colours as the final block has too much aqua and Brianna wants purple to be the focus.

April 15/2013 - 13 blocks to go!

Flimsy finished - November 3/13

Quilted by Quilted Cats Hideaway - picked up December 9/13

Bound and finished December 20, 2013

Stats:  110"x110", mostly new fabrics from 2012-2013
Total number of pieces: 3,701
Backed with 6 metres of 150cm wide fabric from IKEA at $3/m

Gifted to Brianna and Ray - December 2013

3. Happy Quilting Starburst Quilt-along 

Flimsy for a 24" pillow completed - April 2013

4. Gramma Quilt

Kit purchased in 2008
July 2012:  Cut out all the pieces in order to 'rob' the leftovers to make Tetris.
January 2/2013 - pulled this to work on as part of the 2013: Year of the Finished Project linky party (read more here)
January 17/13 - 12 Arrow blocks made
January 31/13 - Flimsy completed, backing picked out.

(Was basted, but "stole" the backing and batting to make an I-Spy quilt)

5. Pastel Twister

September 7/12: Started cutting and sewing one row at a time
Add to the February UFO List

6. Just Takes Two - Red & White Quilt - 

Sept 15: Made a graph of all blocks to track which blocks are done
January 18/13: Posted about plans for this project, added to the February UFO list.

7. Habitat Thangles
August 27/12 - sashing added, need to add borders, baste and quilt


8. Pink and Green Thangles
- 2 kits, started 2008 (make queen size)

August 24/12: sewed HST
next: assemble 18 blocks

August 31/12: sewed 10 of 18 blocks 

Renamed Garden Gate - gifted June/2013

9. Vintage Valentine - started 2008 (?)

August 27/12: pulled 4 blocks to rip out machine applique done so far
August 27 - Sept 2: spent 1/2 - 1 hr each evening taking out all stitching done so far
Sept 4: Fixed block that Alex cut!
 next: finish fusing applique 4 blocks and medallion centre

10. Christmas Wall Hangings for S & B

December 16/12 - Wall hanging panels had coasters on the bottom, made for each of the girls - will complete wall hangings for Christmas 2013

11. Tetris - another Happy Quilting Quilt-along

August 27 - decide on a final setting
September/12 - flimsy completed

12. Calendar Blocks

August 27:pulled out to review what needs to be done (January & Februaray complete) 
August 31: Cut out Sept applique pieces
Sept 1: Assembled Sept block and fused applique
Mar 2/13 - March block completed
April 13/13 - April block completed

13. Purple Baby Quilt - started when I was pregnant with my first daughter 30 years ago.

14. Farmer's Wife - November 12:  Counted 8 blocks finished; kitted 20 more

15. Sunkissed Snail Trail
August 27 - 2 blocks done, need to make a chart for a parasol setting
November 15 - completed chart, made 5 more blocks

16. Bali Wedding Star

17. Birdie Stitches - blocks cut for embroidery, and for borders of each block
February 15/2013 - started embroidery

18. Vignette Mystery Quilt - Started in 2011
August 27/12 - Block 1 done, Blocks 2 and 3 - finish embroidery and applique, still need Issues 7 & 8 (follow up with supplier), kit up blocks to date
During October and November - completed Blocks 2, 3 and 4; assembled Blocks 5 & 9 and prepped for embroidery; received issues 7 & 8; assembled blocks 6,7, 10 & 11 and prepped for applique; kitted remaining blocks

19. Snowman Family - pick up remaining BOMs

20. Hexie Madness - ongoing, 71 of 270 flowers done

21. Black and Rose Thangles

22. Mom's Christmas Quilt

23. Mug Rugs - Finished and gifted

24. Future Leaders & Enders Project - Noah's Ark

25. 6-Hour Quilt as you Go - started 2004? - my machine at the time couldn't handle the FMQ, so this one got put aside.  I'm going to use this one to start practicing.

26, 27 & 28. 2 Christmas Quilts using Nancy Halvorsen's Nativity Panels

December 10/13 - Strips cut for borders

29. Strawberry Table Topper - needs to be quilted

30. Santa Advent Calendar - finish hand-quilting

31. My First Attempt at quilting - story to come

32. Word Play Panel (Kit) - decide on a layout

33. Hydrangea Tapestry - base quilting done, next step: add borders

34. Dresden Plate - Started in the 1940's or 1950's by my grandmother,  appliqued to blocks in the 1980's or 1990's by my mother - story to come.
To do:  Decide on layout, sashing and finishing.

35. Black and White Ruffle Purse & Pattern:  finish testing pattern
36. Red Riding Hood cape for Z. - February 20/13 - finished cutting it out
April 13/13 - cape and hood lining assembled, started outer cape

Made from this!
37-39. Summer dresses for Z. - March 20/13 - all cut out, scraps used to start
40. Sweet Memories Summer quilt - March 25/13 (my birthday so it was as good an excuse as any to start a new project)
41. Moth in the Window: January 2013, bought men's plaid shirts at Bibles for Mission for between 50c and $3.00 a shirt.  Completed 2 blocks, this quilt will be for one of the SILs (or both if I don't get bored).

42. Scrappy - Trip around the World


43. Christmas Tree Skirt (used for the last 3 Christmas like this!)

46. Dragon Star (A Judy Niemeyer pattern, done at a class taught by her)
Finished since 2009

Backed with the scraps

At least the pillow cases are finished!

47. Rail Fence - completed since 2008

Done, Done and Done!

Get the Featherweight up and running Accomplished - August 24/12

2012 Christmas Pillowcases (7) - Accomplished - November 4/12
August - 4 cut out, need to find fabric for C's boys

Sept 18 - cut out and completed 2 pillowcases for C's boys
Sept 30 - finished Zoey's pillowcase, have enough fabric for a second (cut out)
November 4: All pillowcases finished

Zoey's Big Bed Quilt and Curtains - Accomplished December 16/12

Sept 1: Decide on a final border that will work on the curtains as well
Sept 25: Flimsy finished with 2 more borders and prairie points,
Doll quilt flimsy finished
November 11: Curtains finished
December 16: Quilt finished with wavy border, Crystals added to stars
December 24: Doll quilt, mattress, pillow and pillowcase finished
December 25: Given to Zoey!

Lazy Girl Wallets (6) - Accomplished December 18/12

Gifted to Cheryl, Janette, Debra, Barb, Helen...

September 26/12 - first section completed

The Original Happy Quilting Quilt-along Quilt using Pure by Sweetwater
Finished January 30/13

April/2011 - Flimsy finished
August 27/12 - basted and ready for quilting
October 20: half the quilting done, put aside until after Christmas
January 2/2013 - pulled this to work on as part of the 2013: Year of the Finished Project linky party (read more here)

Just Takes Two Pillow Cover - Finished - January 31/13

August/12: Stitch in the Ditch quilting done
January 2/2013 - pulled this to work on as part of the 2013: Year of the Finished Project linky party (read more here)

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