Saturday, January 22, 2011

So much for that

Well, another Friday night sew-in got kiboshed again.  My sweet little fellow came for a sleepover in "his" new big bed and he wasn't here an hour before he got violently ill.  I let his parents enjoy their dinner, then called them to come pick him up.  I am so blessed that he takes comfort in just having me with him, and not crying for mommy and daddy, but Momma doesn't do sick overnight anymore (unless of course it's necessary).  So today is a sew day and I don't even plan on getting dressed until I make a trip to my LQS, where I will drop in on a Judy Niemeyer class and show off my Dragon Star flimsy and my tree skirt!


  1. Oh no! You may just have to have a Saturday night Sew In.
    Angie -

  2. I'm sorry you missed your FNSI, but so glad you could replace it with Saturday!

  3. Hi Terri, Heather here from
    Wanted to come over and take a look at your new blog. I love the petal dress outfit you made. What pattern is it from? Thank you again for coming over and following my blog.