Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Stash Report 2015 - Week Two

Happy New Year, all!  I've started off the new year with a good start - nothing in, but a few yards out! 
I've worked out a trade with a fellow Project of Doomer who makes 3D pieces.  I'm sending her a bundle of fabric strips good for titles in exchange for a few items such as an embroidered Chocolate Frog box, including the chocolate frog!
(Kirsten's finished product)
Added: 0 metres
Added Year to Date: 0 metres  
Destashed: 2 metres

 Destashed year to Date: 2 metres
Added for 2015: -2.0 metres

 Total spent YTD $0.00 = $0.00/metre
Like last year, I am going to track my spending.  I found that really help rein in my acquiring of new stash.  Now I've only been buying what I need to finish a current project.
I managed to get started on my Project of Doom.  Since we are only doing one block a week as part of the quilt-along, I should be able to keep up. 

I haven't trimmed it to the final size of 10 1/2" yet, as I plan on embroidering the book titles. Because I don't have an embroidery machine, I'll be doing this by hand.  I may attempt to stencil some titles or use fabric pens as well.
My goal is to do this quilt completely from stash.  I'm also going to use some fun fabrics in it.  This block has silver lame, purple satin and a shimmery fabric for the crystal ball. Wish me luck!
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Project of Doom - a Harry Potter quilt!

Starting January 7, 2015!
I'm a huge bookworm, and have been all my life. By the time I was eight, I had read every book in the children's section of the base library (I'm a military brat). You can bet the Harry Potter series would have been my favourite back then, and I still enjoy re-reading it now. As a family, we discovered HP when the second book was launched. My daughters and I actually stood in line at midnight for the release of the last two books, and I bought 3 copies, one for each of us so we could all read at the same time! 
My grandson Alex is almost (but not quite) old enough to start reading the books. He has loved being reading to since he was a baby, and is now reading chapter books on his own (although he still loves being read to).  He turns seven in September, so I figure by Christmas of this year, he'll be old enough to understand the fantasy world of Harry Potter.  It would be so fun if I could give him a quilt along with the first book. I plan on reading it with him and we could cuddle under the quilt.
The original Project of Doom was presented in 2011 by the designer, Jennifer Olenstein, and is foundation paper-pieced.  I love making blocks like this, mainly for the accuracy and I've wanted to do this quilt for a while now.
I had even made a smaller block in the summer in the hopes I would get inspired to start, but now Jennifer has recently announced a sew-along for those who missed it the first time around. I've joined her Project of Doom group on Facebook and excitement has been building.
My first part of a future block
I saw some examples with black backgrounds so I decided to try this gifted piece of fabric to see how it would look.
The Monster Book of Monsters by Eva Willet
Some people have been working on the blocks before the sew-along was announced, and the group is filled with so many variations and adaptations. I love the fake fur on the Monster book - definitely something I want to copy.
Others have added to the bookcase border, things on top, on the sides and even "feet" on the bookcase.
Dobby by Peggy Gonzales
Peggy printed Dobby on a piece of fabric and added him to the side of her bookcase. She has been kind enough to share the file through the Facebook group, I encourage you to join the fun!
I've been struggling what I'm going to use for the background (which forms the back of the bookcase. The original was done with a light brown/beige fabric, which was in keeping with the idea of a wooden bookcase, but I have been really struck by the way most of the objects stand out against a black background.  Since I have resolved to try and use my stash as much as possible, and inspired by the block I made in the summer, I finally decided on a blue-black mottled fabric, with two different gold prints.  I have enough between the two, so if I carefully plan my blocks, I can use the same print for an entire row of blocks and make it look like each row has been "wall-papered" differently.
Both fabrics together.  I'll use the starry one when I need more contrast for some of the darker blocks (hat, glasses, caldron) and the horoscope one for lighter blocks or smaller chunks of background.
The closeups show the mottled effect of the background - that should help with those darker blocks.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015 - The year of UFOs!

Happy New Year, fellow quilters! My wish for all of you is a peaceful year filled with love, happiness and no drama - the same one I am hoping for. 
Last year was a difficult one, but it's now in the past. Today is a new year and in just a little bit, I'll be spending part of the day with my favourite little ones!
The only resolution I am making this year is to finish what I start. I need to do this with everything in my life, from housework to my job to my hobbies. Funny, I chose "Finish" as my word of the year last year, but didn't really do what I intended.  This year, I guess I'm repeating myself, but I will also add my other "words", Joy, Focus, Change. I feel like that dog in the movie "Up", Squirrel could be my nickname!
I'm going to update my UFO page later, but in the meantime I am picking 12 projects to focus on.  The first 12 are all completed flimsies, so it means I have to quit procrastinating and become more comfortable with doing my own quilting. Once they are done, I will pick 12 more and so on, until they are done! (yes, I have that many!)
In no particular order (click on the title for more info about the project:
This one is already sandwiched ready for quilting.

I have actually already started quilting this one, it will probably only take me a weekend to finish it.

This was a Thangles BOM project, unfortunately there wasn't enough contrast in the blocks so the patterns don't show up really well.  This one still needs a backing. 

I have finished the applique, sandwiched it, and have outlined the blocks.  Now I have to decide how I'm going to quilt it.
This top has been finished for some time now, it's time it got done.  I sandwiched it with a green cotton that has a "quilted" pattern on it that I plan to follow for the border.  I would do it all over except for that flange inner border - not sure how I will figure that out.
This is my latest Bonnie Hunter finish, I have a backing for it.  This one is destined for my grandson's bedroom. 
I've sandwiched this one twice, but stole the backing for another project once so had to redo it.  This one will be here at my house for the grandkids to cuddle up under. 
After 4 or 5 Christmases under the tree unquilted, I am determined this one will get done this year.  I have sandwiched once, but stole the backing and batting for another quilt.  Time to redo it.
Made 15 years ago when I first started back to quilting, it's about time to get this done.  My daughter wants it, so it will go to her (maybe in time for her birthday in March.
My first Leader and Ender project, this is made from 2" scraps dating back to the 70s (some of my mom's scraps.  This will be a play/picnic quilt at my house.
Sandwiched and ready to go - I even have the pillow form.
12. 6-Hour Quilt-as-you-go

Somewhere buried in this bucket of flimsies! Somehow I have never managed to take a picture of one of my oldest UFOs. About 15 years ago, when I started quilting again, I took a couple of classes.  I learned how to use rotary cutters (the best invention ever!), pieced the Pansy Rail Fence and then started a quilt-as-you-go. My machine did not like FMQ, so it got put aside and I've just never had the inclination to finish it. Since I have so many quilting projects that need to be finished, this will probably be a good one to start with, just to get the feel back. 
 Now that I have made my list, it's time to get sewing!  I plan to update my progress every two weeks.