Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Final Sunday Stash Report for 2013

A little late but better than never!  I took a blogging break over Christmas (at least from writing post, not browsing ;o)

I ended the year in the negative, but within 10 metres, so once I finish Easy Street, I will be ahead for 2013.  Next year, I want to use up at least 25 metres.

Added since last report: 3 metres

Added Year to Date: 107.15 metres

Used since last report: 3.5 metres

Used year to Date: 101.8 metres

Net Used/Gained for 2012: 5.35metres

I did a little more shopping in the scrap and Fat 1/8th bins at Hamels :

Some Aneela Hooley, City Square and various others - I'll be feeding these into my scrap bins to flesh out some gaps.

Some more Christmas finishes I didn't include before.  First a sewing kit for a friend who has expressed an interest in learning how to make hexagons.  Since she doesn't sew at all, I packed with some basics, including a finished hexie flower and some fabric to get started.

All of this -

Fits with room to spare!

Roughly a metre of fabric between the pouch and the gifted strips - more out of the stash!
And some recycled fabric from an old Christmas vest made a casserole hot pad and some smaller ones (no fabric counted in or out) plus a panel for another vest that dated back to 1996 (yikes) became another casserole hot pad - between the discards from the cut-up panel and the backing, I managed to eliminate another metre out.
I used straight-edged binding and machine-stitched them down with fancy machine stitches.  When I machine-stitch a binding, I like to use the fancy stitches to ensure I catch both edges and hide any wobbles!

I don't have the pictures of Zoey's doll quilt yet (they are on another camera), but I put the last stitches in the binding at 1 a.m. Christmas day!  She absolutely loved it and covered all her new babies with it right away.
Total fabric used for cradle bedding - approx 1.5 metres.
I can't resist sharing this picture of my little poser.
I'm afraid most pictures from now on might be more like this one!  I sure hope not.
I'm linking up to Judy at Patchwork Times linky party, and wish to extend my thanks to her for doing this.  I accomplished many more finishes than I would have, and I've also been more consious of what I am spending.  I am definitely keeping this up in 2013 with a reduction in the stash by at least 25 metres, I hope.
Happy New Year to everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year to you too, Terri! What a great idea to recycle the vests into casserole hot pads. Love the ideas that everyone comes up with for using that fabric that's been sitting in the stash. The grandchildren are darling and it's hard to get pictures now that you have two. One of them always seems to be doing something funny when you get a good picture of the other.

    Happy Sewing/Quilting in 2013!


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