Monday, January 28, 2013

Joining another Quilt-along (just shoot me now!)

This is the third of Melissa's quilt-alongs that I have joined.  I have been resisting since she announced it, but this morning when I saw Week 3's post, I finally broke down. 

I figured I could at least make one block and use it for a pillow cover. Since I want to use what is in my stash, I pulled out my layer cake of Mama Said Sew. 
 I had bought 2 metres of what I thought was Bella Snow to go with it on Saturday (I wish solids were marked on the selvedges, or the bolts had the names), but this morning when I pulled out my solids, it turns out it was Bella Feather - obviously I like that colour!
Again, my colours are off because it's another dreary day, but you get the idea.
This was my original pull:
Because there was only one of each fabric (except for the gray chevron), I used two different prints for the centre star.  Then I realized that I would actually need two of the same prints for the bursts as well, so I browsed my solids and pulled Bella Blue-Raspberry.
Tasks for Week one, selecting and cutting - complete!
And week two - complete!
This is my first time trying Melissa's method for making HSTs. I usually use my Easy Angle template and chain-piece the triangles.  I think I prefer my way.
At least I got to use this old tool I've had ever since I started quilting so many years ago, pre-rotary cutter days. It's a piece of acrylic that is exactly 1/4" square, and was used to add 1/4" cutting line after we traced those horrible cardboard templates we used to use.
 (UBI:  I took a quilting class right after I graduated high school, back in 1978 - so that means I've been quilting on and off for 35 years this year! Not that I've finished much - go figure!)
Then I got to work on Step/Week Three - today's assignment.  Melissa has shared a no-waste method for making Flying Geese and since I was trying new things, I gave it a try:
All done!
Again, I usually use my Easy Angle and Companion Angle templates.  There are pros and cons to both methods, but I would definitely use Melissa's method again if I was using direction prints (like I was here).  There was no having to think about which way to cut the fabric prior to sewing.  It is slower than I'm used to, though, so I will continue doing it my way most of the time.
I am loving it!  I may jump ahead and sew this together, but I think Melissa may have created a monster - I want to make more and make a full quilt - maybe with nine blocks or 16 blocks!


  1. I'm making a pillow, too - love the pattern, but I know me...if I over-commit to the quilt, I will just have another top to add to the UFO pile. I know I can quilt up a pillow cover and finish it off by the end of the quilt-along!

  2. Very pretty! I love this pattern. For my stash, it would be a great scrap quilt - have it bookmarked.

  3. It's so pretty!!! And yes, these blocks are totally addicting :) I have never tried an easy angle ruler, I will have to check that out :) Thanks for the tip!


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