Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid-month UFO update

So far, I have finished one of 4 UFOs, and worked on one current project. I also made something new from start to finish!


Dragonfly Table Runner

 A rare moment of winter sunshine washed all the colour out, so back inside I went!

 I used a new-to-me fibre to create the wings - it's called Angelina and you use an iron to fuse the fibres together (between sheets of parchment paper).  I purchased it in Calgary last year, but have found it locally at A Great Notion in Abbotsford.  A bag was $5.99 (it looks like it's on sale for $2.99 right now), and after I made the wings, it doesn't even look like I used any - a little goes a long way! The colour I used was Gold Iris - gold with a hint of purple shimmer.

Chair Cushion for Zoey

Using scraps and a bit of Liberated piecing, I made a small cushion for her rocking chair.  Her rocking chair has solid sides and back, so I only put a ruffle on the front.  The challenge was how to keep it on the seat.  I've decided to use velcro rather than ties, and will apply soft side of self-stick velcro to the seat itself.  I've already applied the hook part to the back of the cushion before I sewed it together.  PS: It is actually square, just puffy so it looks funny right now.

Working on:

Easy Street (upgraded to King Size)

Corner Triangles - 4 - finished

Setting Triangles -  7 of 16 - finished (six shown)

Block A - 2 of 25 - finished
Block B - 1 of 16 - finished

In between assembling triangles and blocks, I am working on making the extra parts I need for a king size version as leaders and enders.

Still to do:
Gramma Quilt
Pure Happy Quilt
Just Takes Two Pillow Cover

I think I'm still on target, as long as I get my rear-end off the couch in the evenings!

And thank you for all the lovely comments in my previous post - I haven't been good at responding lately, but I will try to do better!


  1. That dragonfly table runner is so pretty. The cushion is so cute. And I love your fabric choices for Easy Street.

  2. Love the detail of your dragonfly wings. It adds the perfect touch.

    Cute cushion for your granddaughter's rocker. She'll love sitting on that.

    And Easy Street is looking good!


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