Friday, January 4, 2013

UFO/WIP Review #1 and another Linky Party

In order to determine what I'm going to work on this year, I decided I need to do a thorough review of everything I have.  I actually started this project in August, but got tied up my Christmas sewing and it fell by the wayside.  So each day this month, I'm going to pull out one project, make a decision, document the next step and file it in the project box.

I also found another Linky Party that I'm going to join (I must stop surfing...)

Let's Make Baby Quilts!

Let's Make Baby Quilts!

hosted by Michelle of, she has a lofty goal of finishing 50+ baby quilts this year.  Every Friday, we share our progress, or a tutorial or even a finished project.  Since I have at least 6 baby quilts in progress or planned this year, count me in!

In the spirit of the Linky Party, my first UFO/WIP review is one of my favourites that has been on hold since last summer. 
 Pastel Twister

I've added one more row since this picture was taken.  I'm loving how it is turning out.
It started out as a pre-sewn Moda fabric panel (Lilac Hill I think) made up of cottons and wovens.  I bought it about 3-4 years ago but never got around to doing anything with it.  Once I saw the Twister tools, I knew exactly how to finish it...cut it up! 
One of the things I don't like about these pre-sewn fabric panels is how the seams are done.  They are serged, topstitched and the seams don't match.  At the time I bought it, I thought I would just tie-quilt it and be done.  But it was just too pretty so I set it aside.
I bought the small twister tool, which was too large for these weird-sized squares, so with a little tape, cardboard with new lines drawn on it and some practice cuts, I made a smaller one that would work. 
To keep my blocks organized, I marked my Fons & Porter pins with numbers and marked each block as I cut it.

I sew the row together before I cut the next row, and add the rows together as I sew as well.
I have 3 rows sewn together, only 10-11 to go for a crib-size quilt! (Pardon the colours, most of my pictures get taken late at night!)  This one is slated to get completed in February, unless I get my January projects finished early. It will start my pile of quilts to have on hand for gifting.


  1. Look at all of those seams! I haven't worked up the nerve to try a twister quilt yet, but it sure looks like a great way to jazz up that presewn panel.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Look like a pretty little quilt in progress.


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