Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's bad enough I have half a dozen projects still to finish before Christmas, but I got a brain waive to attempt to complete not one, but two rag quilts by then as well.  Of course, that meant shopping for fabric!
But not just any fabric, but plaids and stripes as these are going to be guy quilts for my sons-in-law.  I went on the hunt for some men's shirts.  Not having a man in the house, that meant I made a round of the thrift stores.  Value Village (pronounced 'va-loo vi-lawj' in our family) was too pricey at $6-13 for a used shirt, but I scored at Bibles for Missions.  Men's dress shirts were just $3 each, and today they were 50% off.  So for $1.50 a piece, I got eight great ones to supplement the 5 shirts I already had (bought at 50c each in the summer):

They probably aren't enough, but I think the sale is all week, so I'll go back for more once I know how many 5" squares I can get from a man's XL shirt! Now I have to 'debone' them - for a great tutorial, check Bonnie Hunter's method here.
The shirts I already had were mostly neutral beige so these black and blue ones should work well.
PS: Don't you just love that orange one?  And it's an XXL - perfect to add a little pizzaz to each quilt!

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