Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street, Step #2

I am loving Easy Street!  Thanks to Bonnie's great instructions, I finally have made perfect flying geese that are straight and true, with no trimming required!  First, I made some more 4-patches:
Then on to the flying geese - they are so pretty!
I have about 14 different black-on-white, and about 8-10 different greens and I am really pleased with the results.  I've changed the colour combination and using lime green in place of the purple.  I'm hoping my daughter and her husband like the quilt layout, and if they do, I'm making this king-size.
My finished pieces so far:
Step 1: 4-patch - 111 of est. 300
Step 2: Flying Geese - 73 of est. 200
I used the leftover ends of the strips to make a couple of 3 1/2" crumb blocks.
When I was doing my Orca Bay mystery last year, I used the trimmings from my string blocks to make some crumb blocks in monochromes:
I have no immediate plans for them, but they make a nice decoration in my sewing room.  I also make 3 1/2" selvedge blocks and houses:
And even a 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" block from the trimmings of my Union Jack pillow.
Once the line is full, maybe then I'll decide what to do!


  1. love the clothes line...what an inspiration!

  2. You are too much. Love it!! A girl after my own heart. I'm well known in my area for my selvage quilts and stuff. Love your decorations in your sewing room. Also noticed that you are a recycler too. Roma tomatoes! ha ha

  3. I have a terrible habit of throwing my ends and trimmings out but after seeing these blocks I am having a light bulb moment. The crumbs blocks are really gorgeous and I think I might have to start to save my crumbs and have a go at these. Oh yeah - I love, love your green geese too.

  4. Aww, I love that clothes line! Cheerful!

  5. Great fabrics for Easy Street...and so much other eye candy here - what fun! LOVE your container for holding your pieces....I need to check first thing in the morning when I get back to the quilt shop - can't believe I just threw away two strawberry baskets...WHAT was I thinking?...Hopefully they are still in the recycle bin (fingers crossed).

  6. Love the little clothesline you have going on with blocks on it! I have one hanging on my railing with quilts on it, but never thought to put one on the wall like that...just may have to copy you!


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