Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Stash Report 2014 Week #8

Again, nothing in!  I'm showing remarkable restraint!  (Actually, I've been too sick to do much shopping).  That box from Hillbilly Tonya will probably show up in about 10 days, then these numbers are going to go way far in the red.
Added this Week: 0 metres

 Added Year to Date: 27.5 metres
Destashed this Week: 2 metres

 Destashed year to Date: 19.05 metres

 Added for 2014: 8.45 metres

Total spent  YTD $35 = $1.27 cents/metre
Today we are having our first real snowfall of the winter. 

My son-in-law shoveled the driveway for me four hours ago, and it doesn't even look like it was touched. 
Zoey came to visit too!

Daisy has been having fun in the snow, me not so much:
My floors are going to be so clean by the end of the day!

I've been making good progress on using up what I have, but I don't count it out until I have at least a quilt top or a finished product.  This week, I replaced my ironing board cover for my only 2 metres out:
The fabric is an old one from Riley Blake, Verona, which I got last year from Hillbilly Tonya's Facebook shop.  I think I paid $4/yd for it.
Here's a closeup:

I've started digging through my scraps and making my first Sochi banner/wallhanging (more about that here). (I know, the Olympics are over - but I've always been a Johnny-come-lately).  I've started with the aqua/green banner, since I had the greens pulled out for Celtic Solstice. I forgot that when foundation piecing the end result ends up the reverse of printed side, but unless you compare it piece by piece no one will know. 
This is it turned the right way:
You'll notice I pulled out my old pressing cloth again, I don't want to ruin the new cover too soon.
 I hope to be able to come up with enough suitable fabrics from my stash, including my small stash of Kaffe Fawcett.  Those will be perfect for the pink/purple banner, which I will sketch out next.

I've also been working on Celtic Solstice and I thought I had finally settled on a border for it. 
It's amazing how much a picture reveals - the white point is supposed to be at the bottom of the "star" - I totally missed that one!  But I like the diamond shape it created, so back to the drawing board.
I didn't need another full-size quilt and the colours are quite bright, so I opted to make half the blocks required and see what I come up with (it totaled 26 blocks).  The finished quilt size would be 53" square so I'm going to make  14 more blocks and end up with a quilt of about 54" x 78", or a good-size lap quilt/small twin for one of the beds in the grandkids' bedroom here at my house. 
Back to work tomorrow, after being off for five days with a horrible chest cold on top of the tracheaitis I've been fighting since October.  Here's hoping the roads are clear by then!


  1. Loving the clear bright colors in your CS. May I borrow your white point idea in the border? I've been trying to think of something outside the box. Of course, that means making more of those bleepin' Tri-Recs blocks .....

  2. Of course, you may borrow it! At least it's not those **** chevrons!


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