Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scrappy Saturday

Day 1 of the Olympics and Canada already has one of each medal!  Go, Canada! 

While I was watching the women's moguls, I started clearing out some of the scrap buckets.  Each time I came across pink, I made a Boxy Star.

I actually made some practice ones last night, these go so fast.  Four of the large ones together make an 12" block:
Excuse the bottom right one - it's upside down!  I also re-calculated the design to make use of 2" strips, I couldn't waste those!
Of course, this is another Bonnie Hunter pattern - she has scads of them on her website for free.
Cutting my scraps into The Scrap User System meant I also generated strings.  Since I'm working with pink this month for So Scrappy's Rainbow Challenge, instead of adding my pink strings to the bulging bag, I made string blocks that will eventually become another Bonnie Hunter quilt, Zuckerwatte from her book, String Fling.
I just can't seem to get enough of her patterns.
I'll probably make baby quilts with these blocks, it seems there's an awful lot of babies being born this year, including a set of twins to friends of my daughters in June.
This is a long weekend in BC.  Last year, we got a new statutory holiday called "Family Day".  I'll probably spend it sewing since we might get snow or freezing rain.  Today the front moved in from the south quite dramatically.
Linking up to So Scrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge - see what everyone else is doing with their scraps.


  1. Great boxy stars! There aren't many Bonnie Hunter patterns that aren't fabulous! Love your strings too, great idea to use them now instead of later!

  2. I love your boxy stars. Some day I am going to this block. They always make a very pretty quilt.

  3. Great blocks, love some of those prints. We get family day in AB later, the 17th. Yes GO Canada GO. I had a good time watching moguls yesterday too.

  4. Great boxy stars. They are so much fun to make. I've selected it for my rainbow scrap challenge quilt for 2014 so will be making one in each colour to complete a quilt top.

  5. I've got Boxy Stars on my To Do List! I might start it soon!


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