Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Stash Report 2014, Week 6

Nothing in, nothing out the last few weeks so I saved it for today!
I'm not just buying, I'm finishing!
I finished the mini within a week of completing the flimsy.  It is simply quilted with a stich-in-the-ditch on the seams and a straight-stitch through the pieced blocks.  I'm uncertain if I will quilt in the plain blocks, I'm liking the simplicity of the background to the busyness of the blocks.
I tried something new with the binding - it is a faux-piped binding made with this tutorial I found here.  I love how it turned out and will definitely use it again!
It finished at 18.5 x 24", and I will be entering it in my guild's Modern Mini Challenge at the Creative Stitches show in Abbotsford next month.  Backing and binding used 0.35 metre.
If I get this next one bound (I have a month!), I'll enter it as well.  It will just barely squeak by as a mini at 36" x 36".
I tried something new with the quilting, a large swirl.  It's not quite free-motion quilting, I did use a walking foot quite successfully.  There is actually no puckers on the back!
I used a turquoise thread to match the minky backing and so it would show up on the black , and will bind it with the dotty material with a turquoise piping.
I had never counted the top out (I wonder how many other projects have been finished and not counted?) so this amounts to 2.75 metres out without the binding.
I picked up a little fabric this week, the binding for Tetris and some more white for Celtic Solstice and two just because. 4 metres in at a cost of $30 (the apples for I-spy quilts and the lime green were just $4/metre).

And remember, this little bundle I gave to my friend?
Well, she doesn't save scraps so she gave me back what she didn't use, and more - so 2 metres back in!  This is what I've been cutting down and using for Boxy Stars.

I've never get rid of my scraps at this rate!  We actually work well as a stash-team, I hang onto the scraps and when she needs some, say for a Bonnie Hunter mystery, we go through them at my house. It's a great method and gives us both great variety.
Added this Week: 6 metres

 Added Year to Date: 27.5 metres
Destashed this Week: 3.1metres

 Destashed year to Date: 9.35 metres

 Added for 2014: 18.15 metres

Total spent  YTD $35 = $1.27 cents/metre

I've decided to track my spending as well, as this year I'm more about staying on budget, rather than restricting my stash. I'm all about bargains and so far, I have spent just over a $1 a yard! Check out my other Sunday Stash reports to see how I've done it.

Linking to Judy's Sunday Stash reports at Patchwork Times.


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  1. Great minis Terri! I keep meaning to make it out to a guild meeting but it hasn't happened yet


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