Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Stash Report, Week #9 - and it begins!

March is my birthday month, and all bets are off this month that I won't buy fabric!  Yesterday, I made a stop at Hamels after I met with the "Modern Coffee Clutch" girls (a new sub-group of the FV Modern Quilt Guild I belong to).  I needed some solids for a Super Mario quilt I'm making for my nephew's 7th birthday, and of course that meant rummaging through the 99c bin.

This amount to 1 1/2 metres added.
Then I realized I forgot to add my guild challenge fabric to my totals last week(another 1 1/2 metres):
Plus I also purchased my first metre of linen:
Here I've put the challenge fabric together with last fall's challenge and it coordinates beautifully - now I have to come up with a plan! I'm thinking a bag with lots of pockets.
That meant I better get some yardage out to balance it:
(You have to pardon the lighting, we have a dull, snowy day again  today)
In less than 3 hours, I came up with a plan for scraps and knocked out a top!  I amazed myself and think this will make a great go-to pattern for all those babies coming this year (I know of 5 expected so far this year, all of which will need quilts).
The top started with about 2 metres of scraps (plus a few strips cut from stash) with a metre of white, and I made a modified rail fence.  So simple, but so cute (and modern, I think).
I'm going to add it to this stack of tops ready to baste - once the roads are clear, I'm heading up to my best friend's - she has a perfect big space that is great for spray-basting!
Added this Week: 4 metres

 Added Year to Date: 31.5 metres
Destashed this Week: 3 metres

 Destashed year to Date: 22.05 metres

 Added for 2014: 9.45 metres

Total spent  YTD $70 = $2.22 cents/metre
I've gotten word that my box of fabric from Hillbilly Tonya is on its way and its more than I expected.  Good thing it's my birthday month!

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