Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project 365, Day 1 (non-quilty post)

Note:  This was supposed yesterday, March 26th.

No, this is not about photos and the popular Photo-a-Day concept.  This is about 365 days to a revitalized me (and I won't necessarily post everyday).
Monday was my birthday, and I've always viewed it like a lot of others view the New Year - a fresh start, a chance to change things I don't like and try to establish new habits, etc. So to that end, I want to have a strategic plan to get there by my next birthday.  I've already figured out my non-specific goal:

GOAL:  Be the best I can be, the woman I know I am – strong, independent, happy, fun, outgoing, vibrant, healthy, fit, and ready to take on the world .
And this is the most important thing I want to do for the rest of my life:
Me with grand-nephew Brayden (9 months), and grandkids Alex (4 1/2) and Zoey (21 months)
Enjoy my family, close and extended!


  1. Happy birthday! And enjoying your family is about the best thing you can do. :)

  2. Happy birthday. I like your "new year" philosophy.


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