Thursday, March 21, 2013

A experiment in low volume

My kids came over Saturday for dinner and to celebrate my and my daughter's birthdays.  The little ones had fun playing with the boxes and wrapping.

It was fun to see them dressed almost alike - unintentionally since my two daughters didn't check with each other.  What a sassy look on Zoey's face!
This is a much more typical look!  It's hard to believe she'll be two in June.
The next afternoon I spent cutting out some spring and summer outfits her.  I mostly used poly/cottons, some which dated back to when her mother was a baby!  Pink rosebuds, gingham and eyelet are timeless.
I dug through a bin of fabrics to find these - they had been put aside because they weren't quilting cottons.  I also found scraps from some of the clothes I sewed for my girls when they were little.  I decided it was time to bust those scraps!
I cut them into strips and squares of 2 1/2", 2" and 1 1/2".  Then I just started sewing them together in pairs, regardless of width of the strip.
Then I cut the paired strips cross-wise at 2 1/2", 4 1/2" and 6 1/2".  I did end up with a few at 3 1/2"  so I've thrown them in the mix too. Even though there were some purples and a bit of pale green in the stash, I only pulled the pink, blue and white fabrics for now, to attempt to have a bit of cohesiveness.
At first I was going to piece them into 6 1/2" blocks, but I changed the plan part-way through.
I've pieced the various pieces together to a consistent width of 6 1/2" and I plan to sew them together in 6 panels of about 45" long. 
That should get me a cute baby girl quilt measuring 36" x 45", perfect for a stroller or playmat. Since it is made of poly/cottons, it will probably wash up easily and doesn't have to be treated as an heirloom.   I think I have enough strips to make two or three of these! 
If it works, I hope to make a more detailed tutorial.  And hopefully get better pictures that aren't taken late at night, on a really gross ironing board cover ;o)


  1. The kids are adorable!! And the quilt will be beautiful. Happy Birthday!! (Holly from 300 Pounds Down)

  2. That's a sweet start to a baby quilt.

    When I want a nice background for a photo, I use sheets of paper from the printer - it works, and they can go right back to the printer if I'm careful.


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