Friday, July 27, 2012

You know you are addicted to starting new projects when...

When you finally cut out one project (from a kit you've had for at least 4 years)...

so you can use the leftovers to start another!

I've started making Tetris blocks, joining Melissa of Happy Quilting's "Tetris Quilt-Along"!  I love quilt-alongs, I actually have managed to finish a few quilt tops and even my Orca Bay quilt thanks to the motivation of having a set schedule.

Tonight, I watched the rebroadcast of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (Go, Canada!) and pieced together my blocks for Weeks One and Two.  I'm using a mix of solids, marbles and prints. So far, each "brick" is different, even if it is in the same colour category.  I decided on a black square to represent the "holes" where the Tetris blocks don't fill in.  (Not my idea, I saw a few examples on Melissa's linky.  I'm also making mine using 2 1/2" squares, not 5", so I could make use of those great leftovers.  This may end up being a mini-quilt at 24" x 36", or if I enjoy it enough, I'll keep going!

So here is my block for Week 1:

And Week Two:

Melissa has some great prizes, too, so visit her quilt-along page to join in!

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  1. Your blocks look great!!! I love the yellow print :)