Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Stash Report, Week 27 & Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!  I hope you're having a good day - once again, it is raining on the Wet Coase (but sun is coming! at least that's what the weatherman is saying)

Today is quiet around my house, we not getting together as a family this year, but I did have the kidlets overnight.  In past years, we have gone camping, had bar-be-ques, gone to the lake, but I'm actually looking forward to a quiet day today. I'm in the midst of decluttering and having a long weekend to do is quite productive.

When I get tired of emptying cupboards, or later in the evenings, I've been sneaking some sewing in.  I finished a second pillow cover, and started quilting it.  I hope to have both finished this week, but in the meantime, I'm counting the flimsies! I also got the top pieced for Zoey's bed quilt, which isn't due til Christmas, but I want to do some fun stuff with it. Good thing I had some finishes, after all I added some on Friday, so it's pretty much a wash!

Used this Week:  3.5 metres
Used year to Date: 50 metres
Added this Week: 3.25 metres
Added Year to Date: 49.15 metres
Net Used for 2012: 0.85 metres
At least I'm heading back in the same direction!

My wonky Union Jack, honouring the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics.  It's wonky because I apparently can't follow directions. I read "trim 1/8" instead of 1 1/8" from these excellent directions from Liz at Dandelion Dreams.  The directions really are good, and she has apparently updated them since I saved the original link - it's just this user failed!

And this is Zoey's quilt.  I'm going to quilt the top, add piping and either a tailored or flouncy skirt, depending on what type of bed she gets and what her mother wants.  The fabric is "Before the Kiss" by Avlyn Fabrics, which I found at a local chainstore but is really nice quality.

The centre panal is very cute, and detailed as well.  That's what my daughter fell in love with when she saw the sample, that and the bling that was on it.  The crowns and stars all had hot-fix crystals attached, and from my research it appears it will be okay to add those to the quilt.  I've added some crystals to a few different items, including a sample of this fabric and I can't get them off without a sandblaster!

Won't these stars look pretty and shiny!

And for a laugh, here are Dumb and Dumber trying on the Canada Hat:

Have a great long weekend and happy Independence Day to my neighbours south of me!

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