Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trying something new!

I'm adding one more thing to my 3-things list, I have to sew for 20 minutes a day on something fun.  So today, I made one more block for my Farmer's Wife quilt-not-so-a-long. I'm up to 9 now.


Pardon the not-so-true colour, but it was 11 pm, when I took the picture.  For the first time, I tried double-stitching the corners to create HST blocks, but these babies are only 1 1/4" unfinished.  By the time I sew all four together, I will only get a 1 1/2" finished block - it would take an awful lot of those to make something with!  I think I'll just throw the cut-off triangles out if the bonus blocks turn out so small.

I didn't get the Thangles quilt top finished yet, all the rows (6) are together, so I just have to piece them together and add the outer border.  I'm setting aside an hour first thing Saturday morning for that, then I'm getting ready to do some machine quilting!

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