Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Sewing

I got a lot accomplished this weekend, but the best part was when my little man helped sew a pair of pyjama pants for himself.  He was so good and patient, and was able to help sew all the seams with a little help from Gramma!  He still can't reach the foot pedal (good thing!), but he sat on my lap and helped guide the fabric, push the locking stitch button, and discover how to adjust the speed (his favourite was turtle-speed, much to my chagrin). 

Little fingers were getting too close to the needle so he was willing to rest his hand on mine.

After the seams were sewn, he played while I finished the waistband and hemmed the legs.  He was so proud of them!

He had to have yellow thread because that is his "favourite colour" and I couldn't convince him otherwise. 

Then he started getting silly!  We called them his monster-hunter pants (he is using monsters as an excuse not to go to bed, so maybe these will help!)

He would not put them on for me, but later my daughter called to say they fit perfectly (and I was free to make more, if I wanted!) and that he wouldn't take them off even though it was 4 hours until bedtime.

I finally got my table cleared off so I can start doing some quilting.  I finished a mug rug first (no pics yet), then basted together the first of two lap quilts destined for my brother and his wife.  First up my sister-in-laws.

This was a remnant I bought about 5 years ago.  It was all factory-pieced together, but has an old-fashioned look as the seams aren't straight.  It was originally sold as yardage - I think it was part of Moda's Chocolat line (or same era, anyway).  It was on clearance for about $15 if I remember rightly, and was about 65" (and 50" wide), perfect for a lap quilt.  I bought another coordinating piece in a different pattern which is destined to be my brother's quilt.

I decided on straight-line quilting on the diagonal and used masking tape to mark my first lines.  I used two strips of 1 1/2" wide, so my lines are 3" apart.

I use the squish and push method of getting my quilt through the machine.  I used chocolate Minkee on the back, so I had to use my walking foot.  That meant I couldn't use the quilting guide for my machine so I had to come up with a way to mark more lines.  After stiching my first line, I marked two sets of lines at a time with the tape, and then stiched on either side of the masking tape.  I only had to fix two wrinkles on the back and it looks terrific now.

Because of the types of fabrics in the panel (woven plaids, jacquards, etc.) the quilt already has that yummy crinkly look!  I'm in love with the straight-line quilting - so easy!

Since there isn't a Sunday Stash report today, I'm saving the details hear for next report.

Details - Quilt:

Fabric used: 1.6 metres for top, 1.5 metres of Minkee for bottom.

Spray-basted - followed by pin-basting the corners to keep those together while manouvering the quilt through the machine. 

Thread: Mettler 50 weight colour 712 (I also bought varigated then forgot to use it!)

Total time: 4 hours to baste, quilt and trim.

Cost (not including taxes): $15 for top, $26.25 for backing, $10 for batting, $7 for thread = $58.25

Left to do:

Decide on binding (has anyone ever used Minkee?)

Details - Alex's PJ pants

Fabric used: 1 metre

Pattern traced from existing pants

Cost: $2 - I scored this fabric for $3 at a garage sale and used about 1/2 metre to make him a pair of shorts two years ago. 

The scraps from the trimmings of the shorts have shown up in his I-Spy quilt, my Orca Bay quilt and my ongoing 4-patch leaders and enders.  I've cut the remaining fabric into 5" charm squares for future I-Spy quilts, and the rest into 2 1/2" and 1 1/2" strips to feed into my scrap-users system (learned from Bonnie Hunter).  I'm sure they will be showing up in many quilts to come!


  1. Love the boy pants, and the boy helping! And the lap quilt is neat - I've never seen something sold like that. I've never used minkee as binding - I'd think it would be too stretchy?

  2. Hi, Kate: Thanks for commenting. I was intrigued when I first saw that piece of fabric, and really pleased how it turned out. You've got to try minkee, it is so easy to use as a backing and is actually not stretchy at all. I spray-baste it and pin it, and use a walking foot. I love the weight it brings to the quilt (and of course, the little ones love the texture!)

  3. Those pants are so cute. I love it when kids get interested in sewing!