Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Stash Report, Week 26...Half way through the year!

It's time for a "mid-term" report, if nothing else to prove to myself I am actually finishing projects.

One thing I discovered I'm really bad at is taking pictures of my finished project. Sometimes, I've even forgot to count them out on my stash report.  But here are the pictures of the finished projects that I could find so far this year (plus my long term project)!

I know I'm forgetting some, but I'll try to do better!

Now for my stash report.  This was a really bad good week for adding to my stash:

About 15 metres from one garage sale.  Good thing all the flannels on the bottom are going to my niece (about 3 metres).  I had already put 2 more metres of another flannel in my stash before I remembered to take a picture.  I love the red hippo fabric - it's an IKEA print from 2008 and there is about 3 metres of it, perfect for a pieced backing on a kids quilt.
And I'm not even sure how to count all this:
3 clotheslines full of vintage sheets and pillowcases.  12 pillowcases at about a metre each, and at least the same number of sheets at about 4 metres each makes for 60 metres.  That's 75 metres in one week (but I only paid $23 for the whole works!)  I better start knocking out some finishes soon.  I think I'm going to do a giveaway or two with some of the sheets.
Added this week: 75 metres
Added Year-to-Date: 141.75 metres
Used since last report: 4 metres
Used Year-to-Date: 25.5 metres
Net used/Added for 2013: 116.25 metres
I did get one finish this week and it's been haunting me for a while.  I had been working on Just Takes Two (homage to red & white quilts), but once I saw the first quarter assembly, I wasn't sure if I could carry on with it.  It's not that I didn't like it or appreciate the work in it, it just seemed so much larger and complex than I envisioned.  I decided to carry on and make some of the blocks I liked the most, added a few of my own and made a table topper.  I played with the design and came up with something I like!
I ran out of daylight before I finished the applique so it seems a little light on the top, but it filled in nicely.  I probably should have made my T-block in the reverse but overall I'm very happy with it.  Once it is quilted, I'm going to bind it with a red binding. It will finish at 36" square, perfect for my antique square table!  I used 2 metres each of Bella White (98) and Kona Ruby!
I have washed all my new/old sheets and hung them to dry.  It was so hot here that the one load was dry by the time the next load was ready.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a real scorcher by West Coast standards, perfect for our annual Canada Day barbeque!
Have a happy Canada Day!
Terri in BC

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  1. Cool to see all your finishes together! And what a deal on all the fabric you added this week. How can a girl pass that up? Have fun sewing with it all!


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