Saturday, June 29, 2013

My newest obsession!

I've been trying to resist for a while now, but every once in a while I would slip and pick one up.  But today, I fell off the wagon big time!
Welcome to Vintage Love!
I lost count at 12 sheets and 10 pillowcases, plus I got 5 more shirts for my Moth in a Window blocks.  I only paid $10 for the whole lot!!!  I love garage sales!

The next one wasn't to be outdone, and I picked up close to 20 metres (about 20 yards) and two finished kids aprons for $15.
I had only gone with the idea of picking up sheets and shirts, because I've been trying to declutter, but found more bargains.

And a Nancy Drew book printed in 1961, in excellent condition for just $3.  I need to find my old ones, including a couple from the 1940's that belonged to my mom.

I also picked up a partial set of dishes.  I'm going to smash them up and tile the top of my old potting table, which has seen better days.

I'm going to sand it, paint the bottom white, and add new plywood to the top, then my daughter is going to help me create a mosaic top.  I may end up boxing in the bottom area and making a storage cupboard for the deck cushions. 

I also picked up some tea cups for a friend.  She wants to have a tea party for her daughter's 5th birthday, and I promised to keep a look-out for some pretty ones.

I may end up keeping this one!  The colours are perfect for my sewing room, and I can see a cute little pincushion in the top.  It is older than the others, but isn't marked.  I think it might be bone china from about the 30's but I could be way off.  I don't know much about china.

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