Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Stash Report, Week 20

Okay, so it's Week 22 apparently!  I lost 2 weeks somewhere along the line - no wonder I only had one post in May!

Another busy two weeks have passed, but at least this time I can report some finishes! 

I had basted this quilt together at the time of my last stash report with the intention of gifting it to my co-worker for her sister who had just moved to hospice. Unfortunately, she passed the same day I made my report, after just 3 days in hospice.  I went ahead and quilted it, and presented it to my coworker in memory of her sister.  She has decided to give it to her mother with my blessings! She has been giving me a hard time ;o) ever since about making her cry (I love her that we both can laugh and cry at the same time).  Counted in my stash report is the binding at 1/2 metre.  

I added one of my special labels made with a Heather Ross goldfish.  My mom used to mark her ceramics with a fish (check out our last name!) and when I found these goldfish, I decided to use them to mark my special quilts.
I finished my experiment with old poly/cottons and lace from my mother's stash that I inherited (see more here)It turned out exactly how I envisioned! I've shown it to a couple of friends and my daughter and they all love it - in fact, my daughter wants it if she has another girl. 
Pardon the wrinkles!  Since it also has eyelet fabrics, I plan on putting a layer of muslin underneath the top, then use white flannel for the batting.  I plan on using minkee for the backing and it will be too heavy if I use a regular batting.  This one measures about 36 x 36 in., perfect for a stroller or car seat, or swaddling.  I have enough fabrics and lace left to make at least 4-5 more, but I might make myself a summer lap quilt instead!  I hope to get it quilted this week.  Used from my stash, only 1.5 metres - yikes, I can probably get about a dozen from what is left.
Yesterday, I realized there are just 10 days until Zoey's second birthday, so I quickly put together her I-Spy quilt.  I had to raid the stash for the last 10 fabrics and now my Happy Room looks like a bomb went off. It's pieced in rows and as soon as Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam starts in about 45 minutes, I plan on sewing the rows together and hopefully get it quilted today!
I even fussy-cut a frog princess from the leftovers of her big-girl quilt - the scraps that keep on giving!  This was an easy 2 metres of fabric out of the stash, good thing I have to make another one by July for another birthday.
Of course, since I cleared some out of the stash AND it is Super-Stitcher weekend at my favourite local quilt shop, Hamels (20% off all regular priced fabrics, first weekend of every month!), I decided to stop by and add to my stash of Bella solids.  I was lucky enough to find a couple of bolts of Glamping by Mary Jane, so I grabbed some of that as well (along with a Fat 1/8 of Salt Air).  Added: 6 metres - so much for stash-busting with those finishes.

Instead of buying a colour card, I've decided to spend the money on the colours I want, and made up my own colour ring so I know what I already have.  Good thing, because I've already bought the 3 of the same colour twice each  (I apparently love Feather, Blue Raspberry and Aqua)!
I cut an approximately 1" x 2 1/2" piece (preferably from scraps) with pinking shears, use fusible lightweight interfacing to add body, and mark it with a pigma pen with the brand-name, colour and stock number.  Then if I remember to bring it with me, I don't double up any more.  My stash is small, but I only buy what I need for current projects (so far).  These ones are mostly intended for the Super Mario quilt that I want to make for my grand-nephew.
Added this week: 6 metres

Added Year-to-Date: 63.5 metres

Used since last report: 4 metres

Used Year-to-Date: 21.5 metres

Net used/Added for 2013: 43 metres

 Linking up to Judy of Patchwork Times Sunday Stash Report.  I've made a promise to myself to spend 15 minutes a day in the sewing room this month, so hopefully I will also post more frequent, shorter posts!
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Terri in BC


  1. I like your idea for making your own color key. I should have done that instead of buying the Kona solids color card. I also label my solids w blue painters tape so I remember what they were.

  2. You have some great finishes. Love the recycled quilt with lace and old fabric. Those are so special and really one of a kind quilts. Your color rings are great. I started a system years ago of gluing a sq. of every fabric I bought on a 3x5 card with info about where, who, cost, etc. on the card. They fit into a recipe box when not in use. Even had dividers with color labels when I got too many fabrics. My stash has grown too large over the years and it would take me way too long to keep up the practice, but I used it a lot in the beginning.

  3. Love your quilt with the eyelet lace. What a great idea to use it in the seams. The memory quilt is beautiful! And I think Zoey is going to have fun with the I Spy quilt.

  4. Great idea with the colour key; may have to copy that idea. And I love your lace quilt! So pretty.


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