Saturday, June 15, 2013

15 minutes....

Well, so much for shorter, more frequent posts!  I've been working a lot of overtime and any free time I've had I used for sewing, not on the computer (way too much of that at work).  I've also had a sweet 2-year-old's birthday to celebrate, a series of appointments with a sleep specialist, and just general busyness.  But I am resolving as of today, to take 15 minutes at least every other day to post here.  Why?  Because it keeps me accountable, it's a journal of what I've managed to accomplish and how I've spent my days and I just like doing it!
Zoey loved her I-spy quilt!  Of course, my bug-lovin' granddaughter picks out the spider!

And the water table I got her was a hit!
The simplest toys can get the biggest smiles!  From Auntie Jackie and cousins.

And can you see future trouble with the new swing set?

My other gift to her was a summer outfit made from a pattern that I used for my girls when they were little.  I made it reversible with 2 pairs of matching panties, but forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her.  I tried that day, but it was so bright and sunny, the picture was really blown out - here's the best I could get after adjusting it.
Now I'm heading out to enjoy the sunshine after 5 days of rain! 
Have a great weekend,
Terri in BC

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