Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Street - Week #1

I'm bringing up the rear with my post, but I finally made up my mind whether to go scrappy with my greys or to stick with a constant.

I made 28 blocks using 3 different greys, just to see what a scrappy version would look like.  Here they are all together. (Sorry for the shadows, it was a rare sunny day between winter rains) 
Scrappy close-up:
Then I separated out a constant:
I really liked the look of a constant fabric, but I only had a fat quarter and I had to wait to go to the states (Lynden, WA) to get more.  I held my breath hoping they didn't sell out.  I was okay with scrappy if they didn't have enough, but I finally got there and they had enough for both me and my friend Kim (no blog). 
The fabric Spiral Floral by Springs Creative Group.  The only place I found online to buy it was in Australia, and the shop I got it at doesn't sell online, so I waited until after the American Thanksgiving to go down to avoid the border lineups.  It has a purply-grey background with the black flowers, and since I'm switching up my colour order to be more purple and less green, it is going to be perfect!
It's never too late to start - check Bonnie's website for instructions.  Be warned, they will be available for a limited time only so if you can't start right away, you'll want to print them off.
Now I'm all set to try and get these finished before Bonnie releases her next step in about 9 hours!


  1. I am right there with you on the mystery quilt! I just purchased some of the fabrics today. Now I need to get busy cutting strips and putting the squares together.
    Can't wait to see Easy Street progress!

  2. Cute blocks! I just finished a few 4 patches but didn't press them yet. The only fabric I have right amount for is the "constant." For everything else I'm a bit short and will need to make a trip to the store(s).

  3. I like both versions, but I think I prefer the constant. Your blocks are lovely. Sew like the wind! Tomorrow is nearly here.