Friday, November 2, 2012

The 'Week-long' Sleepover has begun!

Both of my daughters and their husbands have taken a week's holiday, and are about to board an airplane to Veradero, Cuba~!!  Alex has been prepped for mom and dad's absence and for the last two weeks, he has been excited by the prospect of a 'week-long' sleepover.  I wonder if he realizes exactly how long that is? 
I have Alex, 4, and Zoey, 16 months for a total of 8 'sleeps' (we talk a lot of 4-yr-old language around here).  Plus I have Alex's 5-month-old kitten, Kitty (he named her!).  So far the kids have been great (it's only been 9 hours), other than they had dragged out everything they brought within a few hours!
The kitten is another story - within the span of 2 hours, (1) she had ridden the hand rail - sliding from top to bottom:
(2) almost fell off the top of the half-wall you can see in the upper left (that would have been a 12' fall) and (3) knocked a picture off the other side, it fell 8' but thankfully the glass didn't break! 
Hopefully, I can still get some sewing done at night, after they go to bed.  I want to have all my Christmas sewing done before the American Thanksgiving, so I can spend time working on Bonnie's newest mystery (see my post below)!.
In the meantime, wish me luck!  I haven't done this single parent-of-preschoolers thing for a long time, and I'm 25 years older now!

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