Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fallen off the Stash Report Wagon, Week #44

I started this post almost a month ago, and since I haven't accomplished finishing much of anything, I figured it wasn't a big deal. 

Once I started editing, I realized what was stopping me - this is what I had last typed:

Today (October 7th) is a bittersweet day, as it would have been my mother's 73rd birthday. It is because of her I have a love of sewing, although she never was a quilter. She died almost 12 years ago, due to lung cancer caused by smoking. She thought she finally got the monkey off her back when she successfully quit after 44 years of smoking, but was diagnosed just 8 months later. Today I am grateful that I never smoked, my daughters don't smoke, and both their husbands have successfully quit smoking this year.

Sometimes it just hits me like a brick that I lost my best friend, and miss her terribly each and every day.  She was my rock, my shoulder to cry on, and the person who supported me the most.  I left my husband when my daughters were 3 and 10 months old, and before I had even arrived back in my hometown, my mother had made all sorts of arrangements for me, from renting me a place to live to buying me a car (nothing fancy, a 16-year-old Dodge Dart in good repair).  She was there for me all the years that my girls were growing up, and I am so sad she never got to see what lovely young women they have become.

It's been a long month, I didn't even know why I was so sad, but I am grateful that I have been blogging, as it has given me a place to jot down my thoughts and gives me more insight into how I'm feeling.  Maybe it's not always about sewing or quilting, but I write for me!

Now that I got that figured out, back to the Stash Report:

 I have accomplished more than I thought - I just have to do the finishing touches on a few things and my numbers will improve on the finished side.

Used since last report:  4.75 metres
Used year to Date: 85.75 metres

Added since last report: 5 metres

Added Year to Date: 93.5  metres
Net Used/Gained for 2012: 7.75 metres

I finished all the Christmas pillowcases, now just to coordinate with my sister to finish filling them with little gifts (it's our version of a stocking, and is keeping up a tradition my mother started - the Gramma Goody Bag).  Of course, I can't find the camera I took those pictures on!

I've added a few thing over the last month.  A selection of fat quarters and fat eighths for no reason totalling 2 metres, plus 3 metres for the curtains to match Zoey's bedding.  I hope to have that out this week, and her Christmas present will be done.   I can't wait for Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt-along to start, and all I need to buy is 2 metres of one gray constant fabric - I have enough of everything else.  I might still pick through the fat-eighths bin at Hamels just for fun! Again, no pics!
Since I don't have pictures of fabric, these will have to do:
Zoey getting to know Kitty
Alex is great at letting me do some sewing (or tracing patterns)!
This is his version of our new family, since he wants to live here forever!
(From left to right: Kitty, Daisy the dog, Zoey crawling (even though she walks), Alex with a sword, his favourite Blue Puppy, and Gramma!



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  1. I can so feel your pain. Even after 24 years, I still miss my Mother. Glad you are up and going again. You are doing a great job of managing your stash. Beth in MN