Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Stash Report Week 36

Some stuff to add this week, but I also moved most of it out pretty quick.  No pics yet, but wanted to get this updated while I still have it in my mind. This turning 50 thing is for the birds, my brain won't retain a thing!
I bought 6 m of assorted kids prints for pj pants and some PUL and flannel to make a waterproof pad for the bed in the kids' room.  Alex isn't a bedwetter, but I don't want to take any chances and he hates the crinkly cheap plastic mattress cover on it now (he says it keeps him awake!)  So a big addition to the stash this week, but 2 of the pj pants have already been made and delivered (using 3 m) and the PUL pad has been made and on the bed (5 m out).  I'm including them as I want to track my total purchases this year and try to cut back next year, plus increase my usage.

Used this Week:  8 metres
Used year to Date: 81.25 metres
Added this Week: 11 metres
Added Year to Date: 78 metres
Net Used for 2012: 3.25 metres

I hope the next few weeks see some big numbers in the net used line, as I'm working on some UFOs and Christmas gifts in the evenings.

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