Friday, February 4, 2011

Evolution of a crafty room - Part Two

After I put together my ironing table (Evolution of a craft room - Part One), I cleared the room of everything that wasn't staying - all that was left was the table, my TV and my IKEA Expidit shelves.  I love how bright my room is, even though it is tecnically a basement room.  The window is large and faces south, so even on the rainiest days, it is light.

Here is a before (badly put-together) panoramic shot: 

I chose to paint it a sky blue, to minimize any lighting distortions.  The first colour I chose was too grey, but I had only painted the wall on the left, behind the Expidit so I left it as is and painted the other three walls in the new shade.

All the trim work was painted Bright White for a nice clean look.

Then I made another trip to IKEA for these:

A shelf for my favourite photos and collectibles (don't you just love the new wall colour?):
(Relax metal wall hanging from Michaels)

A small Expidit for my personal scrapbooking supplies :

Nestled in between my storage cubes from Michaels - these hold the rest of my scrapbooking supplies.

 Two VIKA tables to form an L-shaped work station:   

I repurposed a lazy susan to hold my baby computer.  That way I can view it from either side - I use it to view instructions when I'm tackling something new (or surf blogs while I'm sewing).

I also bought a BYGEL hanging rod and containers for those little things that like to clutter my workspace:

And finally, this magnetic chalk board - it covers an ugly electrical panel.  I painted it with one of my accent colours and I'm going to make some little patchwork panels to cover the useless brown bottom part.  My other accent colours are hot pink and bright blue or aqua.

I hope you are enjoying my little tour.  Part 3 will be about repurposing what I have on hand and organizing my many bins of crafts and sewing.


  1. So nice. I cannot wait until I have my own room again to sew in. My myriad of daughters has eliminated my ability to have a room of my own. Two more years until the next one leaves for college. . . we think.

  2. I love your room and the wall color is perfect. I'm very impressed with your storage - I wish mine were so organized. Did you make the "pockets" you have hanging on the curtain rod? blessings, marlene

  3. IKEA is about one of the best stores in the world. Your remodel is great. Very inspiring! Your new wall color seems relaxing and you will love being in your new space.

  4. Oh dear, you have been the color of paint..what are the dimensions of this seems like very long...? there is a lot you could do with this..if sew......ohh magnetic them....way to go T.

  5. Wow great space! Keep it going I am loving the pics!

  6. Love your sewing room and the way you have fixed it up!

  7. How awesome you have so much sun light. My work room is in the basement but there are no windows at all in the area I am using. Love what you are doing!