Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow weekend! Sunday Stash Report, Week 6

Nothing in, nothing out makes for a boring report but there has been sewing going on. It has been snowing steadily since Friday afternoon, and as of this morning we officially had 77 cm (30 in), with more on the way. What better way than to spend the time sewing!

I've been slowly plugging away at my En Provence blocks, and being distracted by requests for more insulin pump bands, fixing stuffed animals, making Valentines placemats and sewing with my grandson!

Alex and I have been working on and off on his dinosaur for almost a year now. I only worked on it when he could help and stopped when he lost attention. He has learned how to use a pattern, cut it out, sew on the machine, do the running stitch and the whip stitch and stuff the pieces. This weekend was the final stuffing and adding the details, such as the spots!

Voila! Snaggles is finished!

He sewed every one of these spots himself!  It is wonderful to see his patience grow and learn to problem-solve without getting frustrated like he did in the beginning.

He is so proud of himself!  (Brr, he makes me cold just looking at him! This is one hot-blooded kid).  He is wearing his new insulin pump band as well.  Love this kid!

Pattern for the dinosaur is Menagerie by Lier at 19 stuffies from one basic pattern - it is full of ideas and very well-written.

Tomorrow has been declared a snow day - good thing, because I can't find my car!

Since I never counted in the fabric for the stuffies, and the insulin pump bands are recycled from old T-shirts, I didn't have anything to count out. Next week will definitely be different!

Added this week: 0 metres
Added this year: 19.8metres
Used this week: 0.00 metres
Used this year: 1.00 metres
Added/Used this year: 18.8 metres


  1. Great job Alex! I've been trying to get my grandson, he's 4, interested in sewing but all he wants to do is pull the thread off the bobbins. He has sewn a few little things, mostly straight line stuff with lots of my help. His other favourite thing is to play with the speed control on my machine. Little does he know, I'm controlling it with the foot pedal. Anyway, that's a fine dino!

  2. How cool that he did it all himself. That is a lot of snow! Stay warm and happy stitching this week.


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