Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Stash Report, Week 4

Another metre added, and a metre out!  Next week, I've promised myself that I will have the En Provence top finished.

Added this week: 1 metres
Added this year: 19.8metres
Used this week: 1.00 metres
Used this year: 0.00 metres
Added/Used this year: 18.8 metres

I did make another purchase of sale fabric last week at Hamels.  My friend, Kim, ordered the sale stuff on line, and I couldn't help but add to it. I used the excuse I need another yellow and a soft orange for my En Provence quilt ( 4 - 3 1/2" square of each), which translated to buying a metre!

I added a gray and a green tone-on-tones, for the stash and bought 4 - 1/4 metre pieces in all. I didn't bother asking for fat quarters, as I tend to use strips anyway.

I plan on having the En Provence flimsy done by the end of the month, and that will put a big chunk out! It will be 13.25 yards if I don't add to it. 

I did move a metre out making some doll/stuffie blankets with the grandkids this weekend!

Alex is eight and has been sewing off and on with me for quite a few years. He has now progressed to learning about chain piecing and matching seams, and can operate the sewing machine without me hanging over his shoulder. I was at the ironing board cutting blocks for the girls while he sewed his blocks.

Zoey is five and picked out all her blocks, and for the first time, braved the "noisy" machine and helped feed her fabric through.  She really wanted to use "her" machine, a hand-crank that she has claimed as hers, but we stuck to the Featherweight.  She took off before I could take her picture, but here she is last year when the hand-crank arrived. She likes this one because it is so quiet.

And little Miss Mya got in the act as well. She helped choose her own blocks, but had more fun poking through my scrap basket while I sewed hers up.  She promptly wrapped around her stuffed puppy, and went off to bed. 

Since I was babysitting, I was able to get a picture of her and her messy hair as she was busy pointing out the "otopus" under her hand!

I love that my grands love to craft and sew with Gramma, and I hope we have many years of doing so before they lose interest. They were all proud of their work and couldn't wait to show their parents when they arrived for pickup.

Like Judy, I count my fabric out at three stages:
1. When the top is finished, which is called a flimsy.
2. When it is quilted with the backing
3. When it is bound and finally finished.
This gives me an incentive to push a project to the stage. This week, more En Provence!

Have a great week,

Terri in BC

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  1. I'm cheering you on as you work on En Provence. For some reason, this top took me a long time to piece! I just finished mine yesterday, and i feel like that is about all I did in January.


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