Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July To-Do List, Day 2 of 31 days of blogging

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Canada's birthday.  I saw on the news it's going to be a huge party in 3 years, our sesquicentennial (150 years).  There are websites galore already planning - here are just a couple.  I would love to go to PEI, it is the only province I haven't been to yet.
I accomplish more when I set goals so I have decided on finishing the following free projects this month:
1.  Super-Mario quilt for great-nephew, Konner:
2 blocks done, 4 to go.  Using this tutorial from Cut to Pieces, I upsized the blocks to 1 1/2 finished, so the blocks are 27" finished.
2. I-spy quilt for great-nephew, Brayden:
It will be similar to this one.  I have made one for each of my grand-kids and grand-nephews when they turn 2 or 3, and Brayden is now 2.  That makes 6 in all, but there are 2 new babies coming later this year, so I'll have to hang on to those I-Spy prints a little longer (I was about to bundle them and sell them off).
3. Celtic Solstice for me

You can't get the pattern now, it was Bonnie Hunter's mystery last year and will appear in her next book. I only have 5 more blocks to make, so I have been playing with border designs.  I think I'm going to finish off all the white points and make the diamonds as shown.  I also varied the corner from Bonnie's
Now, for something new:
I have to reward myself so I purchased the pattern for the Nested Churn Dash from Quilt Jane for the low price of $2.00 Australian, which only came to $2.10 Cdn.  I probably could have figured it out on my own, but when someone else has already done the math, why not!  Click on my Craftsy button (to the right) and search for Quilt Jane, and you will see her lovely patterns.  (Note: Disclosure - I am a Craftsy affiliate so I will make a few pennies if you link to Craftsy through me).
I will be making mine with these lovely fabrics:

Pardon the lighting, it was nighttime.  This partial bundle is truer to colour.

The fabrics came from Warp & Weft, and are my quilt guild's summer challenge fabrics.


  1. I love I spy quilts, they are my favorite kids quilts to make and make great charity quilts as well. Love the nested churn dash, thank you for the link. Your challenge fabrics are very pretty.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sue! Did you buy the nested churn dash? If so, I would love to see what fabrics you are using.

  2. Great quilting progress!

    I was 14 in 1976 when we celebrated the bicentennial. It was a year-long celebration! I remember people painting fire hydrants to resemble patriots. The hydrant in our front yard was painted like Nathan Hale.

    I've been to Montreal, Upper Canada Village and the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. I've only visited Canada in the summer, and the weather was beautiful then.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Laura. Big celebrations are fun, aren't they? I've been to the places you've mentioned (in fact, I was born only a few hours from Niagara Falls) but these days I live just north of Seattle.

  3. Hey! That's how I'm finishing MY Celtic Solstice! Copycat. ;) Okay, I guess since I have way more than five blocks, I'll be copying you.

  4. We should have a race, to see who finishes first, at the rate you finish quilts! How's it going with the new little man?


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