Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Stash Report, Week #21 - Major changes coming

Another week without a finish, but progress was made on the Super Mario quilt. 
 At least I didn't add to the stash.
Added this Week: 0 metres

 Added Year to Date: 64.1 metres
Destashed this Week: 0 metres

 Destashed year to Date: 22.55 metres
 Added for 2014: 41.55 metres
Total spent  YTD $294.20 = $4.59/metre

I did some string blocks for future quilts, I want to make Zuckerwatte by Bonnie Hunter.  This one will probably be gifted to Zoey - she loves purple and pink.

(and a blue one for fun)
I've also been making Boxy Stars, a free pattern from Bonnie as well.  These are perfect for using up those 2 1/2" strips that have been accumulating.
Then I tried a few using 2" strips!  I love little blocks and think these would be perfect for a baby quilt.

I put the larger ones beside them for comparison - they are so cute!!
In case you aren't familiar with Bonnie, check her out on the Quilt Show from the Quilt Show.  Today is the last day you can view it for free, if you don't have a paid subscription.  For details how to view it, click this link to Bonnie's website.  It is a great introduction to Bonnie and her method of using every bit of stash.
I have an even bigger project looming in the next year. My daughter and I have been talking, and we have decided to convert my home to an up-and-down duplex, and her family is going to move into the basement.  They want a place with a yard for a garden (currently they are living in a townhouse about a block away) but with house prices here on the West Coast of BC so high, it could never be in their budget.  I was talking about downsizing and eliminating yard work, but really hated the idea of sharing walls with a neighbour and leaving the wonderful area I live in.  It seemed to be a perfect solution to our needs to combine households.  Of course, now that means I have to condense 2000 sq feet of living into about 1200, and they have to condense 1600 into 1000.  Some renovations are required as well.
I'll be moving the contents of my sewing room, my scrapbooking room  (I'm also a Close to My Heart consultant) and my spare room into what is now the grandkids bedroom.  That's 520 sq feet that is going into a room of 144 sq feet (12x12). 
This weekend I started decluttering - the new quilt cave is almost empty and ready for paint.  I'm thinking a nice Caribbean blue for the walls.  I'm stuck with the pink carpet (mainly for noise reduction as my daughter and her husband's bedroom will be below, and it's a thick carpet with top-of-the-line underlay) but most of the time I probably won't see it anyway!   ;o)
Now what do I do with the kids toys?


  1. I did the same thing 3 years ago...daughter and granddaughter moved in with us. It will feel wonderful, once the decluttering in done. I like the box star block....never seen it before.

  2. Love your Bonnie projects!! Best of luck on your renovations and downsizing.

  3. Very pretty blocks. Those are going to make some fun quilts.


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