Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

My adorable granddaughter, Zoey, is 3 today!  We had her party on Saturday, and what a beautiful summer day it turned out to be.  My daughter had planned an outdoor party and set up a small pool and water table for the kids to play at.  Zoey is the only little girl in our circle of family and friends, so her party had 7 boys and her!
Of course, we had to make sure our little princess stood out in the crowd! My older daughter brought the tiara, and I made a Rapuzel dress-up apron.
At 3, I think the apron is a lot easier for her to put on and off than an actual dress, and easier for Mommy too!
I saw some on Etsy and Pinterest, but the design is so basic, I was able to create my own pattern and make it in a single day.  I plan on making a bunch in various designs, including Alice in Wonderland, a nurse/doctor, more Disney characters, etc.
I made the neck long enough and with elastic so it will grow with her (and present less of a strangulation hazard).  Right now, it reaches almost to her waist and we just looped the back ties through it. 
I think she was getting tired of pictures!  Poor thing had taken a tumble at daycare a couple of days earlier, so she has a big goose egg on her forehead and a bit of a black eye!
The kids had fun decorating cookies!  The apron came in handy and washed up like a dream!

All of the fabric came from the bags a friend gave me last year, all I had to buy was the pink ribbon for the puffs for the fake sleeves.
My son-in-law takes advantage of Zoey's birthday party to rope all the dads into helping set up the pool at the end of the party. 
Alex and his cousins, Kayden and Konner "helping" by making sure the bottom liner was flat - as one dad said, it would make a great "playpen"!
Happy Birthday, Zoey!

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  1. Zoey is just adorable! Loved the tiara, and the adorable apron you made for her - so creative, and nice that you made it to grow with her! Can't wait to see the other ones you're making! Happy Birthday to Zoey!


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