Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Stash Report, Week 1 of 2014!

Thanks to Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times, I've been tracking my fabric stash in and out for the last two years now, and although I majorly fell of the fabric wagon last year, I feel that it still helped me to finish what I start.
2013 – Added 216.75; Used 97; Net -119.75 metres
2012 – Added 104.15; Used 98.3; Net -5.85 metres
My used numbers are about the same, and close to my goal of using at least 100 metres each year. It was easier to stick to not adding fabric in 2012, simply because I got laid off in the last four months of the year.  Once I was back at work in early March of 2013, I put in mega hours of overtime (it didn't pay them to lay me off - just sayin'), I didn't get as much sewing done as I would have liked, but was able to enhance my stash with some well-deserved overtime pay.
I suffer from a major case of STARTERITIS, so this year's focus will be on finishing some of my many UFOs (my yearly goal), and feeding my desire to start new things by focusing on small projects. 
So I feel I'm starting the new year right - with nothing added and a finish!
Added: 0 metres
Used: 2 metres
Net Used/Added: 2 metres
My first finish of 2014 is my own design:
I call it my Butler!  I was inspired by the ironing boards on TV tables in blogland, but I wanted mine to be able to hold tools at my side when I sew outside of my home (I go to a friend's often, as she can't easily get out).
It has 6 pockets, 3 on the front and 3 on the left hand side.
The right hand side has a snipping bucket, a pincushion and a Velcro strip.  The reverse of the back piece has straps to hold a rotary cutting mat, and serves as a cover for the whole thing when it closed up.
I added the Velcro strip so that I can add different pockets or bags as I come up with needs.

You may see this project again!
For more stash reports, be sure to visit Judy's blog for links.


  1. Very cool! I need one of those but first to find the wooden tv tray. I better start looking at the thrift stores for one. I was just reading a Fons and Porter magazine and saw a call for quilting patterns. You should submit your tv tray ironing pad gizmo holder idea. I think it would be great. I'd make it.


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