Sunday, January 5, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday

A fellow Canadian, Kathy in Ontario, hosts a linky party focusing on hand work.  I can't just sit and watch TV, and want to get off the computer more, so I'm going to join in for an evening of handsewing on Sundays.  Today's project is also my newFO for January!
I've always wanted to make a crazy quilt, and last year I started collecting items of meaning to me to incorporate into one.  This block is not "crazy" in that the base is pieced from several fabrics, but I wanted to use this piece of linen with cutwork that came from my grandmother.  I have several pieces and I don't know if she made them or if they were bought, but when I see them they remind me of her.  This particular pieces had some small holes in the centre so I didn't feel bad cutting into it.
I'm adding the embroidery around the border of the linen.  I didn't have an exact match for the blue, so I went a little darker, then added some beads to the sprays in a darker blue as well.
Along the bottom of the 6" block, I have added some venetian lace anchored with a bit of featherstitch with green beeds.  The lace flower was added separately, along with a cluster of silver flowers, a silver lead and clear beads.  The silver picks up the silver satin I put behind the cutwork.
I'm considering adding stems to the ribbon roses, then adding some more beads as rosebuds.  I'm still looking for a charm piece to add to it.  I'd like to put a watch face on this piece but all the ones I have on hand are too man-ish.  I might have to bust apart an old watch I'm not using any more.


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