Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Stash Report Week 42 - and a giveaway!

Two weeks have passed, and no new fabric has entered my house!  Good thing, I totally overdid this year, and that gift I received pushed me to the limit.  My sister and my friend were thrilled with the bags I gave them and I have finally gone through the last bag.  I have a giveaway at the bottom of this post, read on!

Added since my last report: 0 metres

Added Year-to-Date: 200 metres
Used since last report: 3.5 metres
Used Year-to-Date: 44.5 metres
Net used/Added for 2013: 155.5 metres
I've started my Christmas sewing and last Saturday, my sister and I got together and made 6 pairs of pyjamas in about 6 hours!  We bought the fabric at the big New Year's Day sale this year with great intentions, and I'm happy to say we did it.
My sister has four grandsons, and she made them all the one-piece jammies.  We have had a family tradition of new pyjamas to open on Christmas Eve since I was a little girl.  They were always from my great-grandmother, but since my mom is no longer around, I'm keeping it up for my grandbabies.  It's such an ingrained tradition that my adult daughters won't let me drop it, so I end up getting new pyjamas for everyone in the family.
I hope to change the used number by the end of today!  I finished the last of my Easy Street blocks yesterday (why do I procrastinate so long?) and laid them out this morning.  In between housework and cooking dinner since the kids are coming over today, I'm going to sneak in some sewing the rows together! 
This is one big quilt!  Even with all the furniture moved aside, I still ran out of room on my "design floor".
It will measure about 110" x 110" once finished.  At least I won't have to make borders!  My daughter wanted purple so I used darker and lighter purples where Bonnie Hunter had aqua and lime greens where she had her purples.  (I still like the version that is more aqua, but this isn't for me)  I already have the backing and batting, so once it's put together I'm taking it to Quilted Cats Hideaway to be quilted.  No way I am tackling this monster myself!  It will be finished just in time for Bonnie to announce her newest mystery American Thanksgiving weekend.
Last weekend my kids went to a cabin in the interior of BC to meet their cousin for Thanksgiving, so I went to my sister's for dinner.  I was thrilled to see how much my great-nephew loves his I-Spy quilt!  He drags it everywhere.
Now for my giveaway!  Remember those bags of fabrics I was given a few weeks ago?  Are you a Bonnie Hunter fan? When I divvyed up the quilting cottons between my friend and I, I cut a 6" strip off of the larger pieces.  Why did I choose a 6" strip?  If you follow Bonnie's Scrap-user's system, you can easily cut it down into her recommended sizes.  You can get 4 1.5" strips, or 3 2" strips, 1 each of 1.5, 2, 2.5" strips, or any other sizes you want.  If you make I-spy quilts, there are some prints perfect for 5" squares.  Most are quilt shop quality, a few are chain-store prints, but are perfect for scrappy quilts a la Bonnie.
I appreciate all your comments, I'm not the best at responding especially the last few months due to work, but things are getting better and I see more free time in my future!  This giveaway is my way of sharing the goodies I've been given and to show my appreciation to fellow bloggers, commenters and everyone who shares so generously in the blogging world.
I have about 5 yards of strips to give away to one lucky winner who posts a comment to this post.  That's it - that's all you have to do! I'll use the random generator next Sunday to select a winner.  The giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents, and if you are willing to share postage, international as well.
Thanks for visiting,
Terri in BC


  1. I like your more purple version of Easy Street! And, the pajamas are adorable. I'd love to win these fabrics--they would add variety to the charity quilts that I'm teaching my guild members to make.

  2. Thanks for posting on FVMQG page Love you easy street top I have just started following Bonnie Hunter and am looking forward to joining in on her new mystery as well.

  3. Our tradition is a "Scoorge Box" started by my Dad years ago. There would be ad wrapped box with a removable lid. Some how there would be a present for everyone who came to the house Christmas Day. Any extra gifts were brought

  4. Great tip about the 6 inch strip! That had not occurred to me, so thanks!

  5. Love your Easy Street! And what a neat Pajama tradition that you are keeping up - you sure were on a roll with 6 pj's in 6 hours. Love Bonnie's mysteries and her scrap user system - and new scraps are always more exciting than your own...

  6. Love the jammies - and I love that there is a tradition for them. I really like the purple Easy Street. Lovely, lovely quilt!

  7. Oh my gosh, those jammies are perfect and what a wonderful tradition to carry on with! your Bonnie Hunter mystery is great! Wow... hopefully you got your blocks joined today and can move your project to your 'needs quilting' list!

  8. I am hoping to make jammies this year also. I have some fabric so I should get started really soon, Your Easy Street quilt is beautiful.

  9. Love your Easy Street! Haven't decided if I will do Bonnie's next mystery, maybe a smaller version. And what a neat family tradition - 6 in 6 hours?!!!

  10. Love the pjs I have done the same for my family. They alwYs can't wIt to open them CHristmas eve

  11. Jammies are adorable. Your Easy Street is beautiful; I did mine in Bonnie's color scheme but did not make it scrappy - just don't have a lot of scraps. I am sewing the last border together for Jamestown Landing, another Bonnie Hunter pattern. Trying to decide what I will tackle next.

  12. Love the colors of your Easy Street! I used Bonnie's colors as it was my first mystery and was unsure about choosing my own. You picked some really great ones!

  13. i hope I am not to late but I love your plan of destashing:)

  14. Great idea for destashing & how to strip up left overs.
    Pajamas are a fun tradition for Christmas, ours is toothbrushes, everyone gets a new one in their stocking.

  15. Well, I would love to win the fabric. I make a lot of community quilts and that is where it would be used. BTW, Katja's letters and numbers hexies are also going to be printed in a book. At least, the publisher has expressed an interest.


  16. I would love to win the fabric! I am always looking for other fabrics and scraps to use in ispy quilts and other scrap quilts.


  17. Hi Terri, I have tried to contact you by email (maybe it went to your spam) to let you know I selected you to send my postcard, Blue Chip, to. My post is here: I just need your mailing info if you are still interested.


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