Monday, October 7, 2013

Crummy Monday!

I was fortunate enough to have some extended time in my sewing room yesterday, and of course, that meant I could play with some more crumbs!

More blocks for Maverick Stars!
Then I had to try something new (why not have another never-ending project LOL) from this book:
There are 224 blocks in her Pineapple Crazy (not including the border), each one has 45 crummy pieces.  That would use over 10,000 little crumbs - assuming I make it as big as Bonnie's!  I may stop at pillow size, though.
I don't have a lot of neutrals left, after making Orca Bay and Easy Street, so I'm going to make mine in the colours of the rainbow (with a few extras):
Looking good so far!
I'm keeping track of the colour order by marking each sector on the foundation:
Wish me luck,
Terri in BC


  1. Looks terrific. Don't think you need luck....grin.

  2. I started to make one of those once - six inch blocks and I got so tired of it that I only made wall hanging size - I love the blocks just got tired of making them - they will make a lovely big quilt though if you can stick with it.

  3. Good luck on your Pineapple Crazy quilt! Personally, I think 10,000 individual pieces is CRAZY!


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