Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UFO or NewFO?

Looking for a Leaders & Enders project to do, I took a look around the sweatshop:

(8 projects here)

(7 more here)
(parts of 2 projects from the boxes above)
(and God knows how many in here!)
And decided to start this instead!
(Moth in the Window block by Bonnie Hunter, found in Quiltmaker magazine, Nov/Dec 2011.  She has a great column in each issue, called Addicted to Scraps.)  I made these two blocks (and two more since) using parts of the shirts I got at the thrift store for 50c each. Two blocks take less than a Fat 1/8th of each fabric (less than one long-sleeve worth) - I have barely touched the pile.

Perhaps I should call it a NUFO (new unfinished object) - cuz clearly I have issues.  Oooo, Squirrel - look what I found while looking:
Fusible web so I can cut fabric with my Slice cutter (meaning I don't have to upgrade) - I don't even remember buying this, but now I want to try it. (No, Terri, No - slapping myself on the wrist.)


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