Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Year of the Finished Project - Month 1 Report

I'm a little late for my first report (maybe I was subconciously hoping more projects would finish themselves LOL), but here goes!
My plans were to:
  1. Complete Easy Street quilt top
  2. Finish my Pure Happy Quilting Quilt-a-long Quilt
  3. Bind Sarah's Dragonfly Table Runner
  4. Piece Gramma quilt top
  5. Finish Just Takes Two Pillow Cover
I succeeded in completing 2 of the 5:
Delivered to my daughter, Sarah and in use!  Sarah pieced the top, and I did the applique and the binding.  More about this project here and here.
Gramma Quilt flimsy- between a lap size and twin size, it will be a perfect cuddle quilt or topper on the single bed I'm putting in the grandkids' room.  Check here for more info.
I made progess on the Easy Street quilt top (I won't bore you with the same pictures):
Extra pieces to make King size (50% more) - done
Corner Triangles - 4 - finished
Setting Triangles - 7 of 16
Block A - 1 of 25
Block B - 11 of 16
I hope to finish all the Block B's today.
I also started and finished one more little project for Zoey's room:
A little cushion for her rocking chair.  I also started a Scrappy Trip-along cushion cover to use up the last of the scraps (instructions here).
I also started 2 more new projects:
Starburst, another quilt-a-long project by Melissa of Happy Quilting
and Moth in a Window blocks (more here).
So my result for January was:
- 7 projects worked on
- 3 completed (2 UFOs and 1 new project)
- 2 UFOs not touched (involving machine quilting)
- 3 new projects started
Net: -1 UFO (cuz they are all UFOs in my house!)
I didn't meet my goals but discovered a few things about myself:
1. I hate switching up my setup to do machine quilting - perhaps I need to rethink how my sewing room is set up so I can have a permanent spot for it.
2. I get bored easily - increasing the size of the Easy Street quilt to King Size meant making half as many pieces again, so I was able to accomplish a second quilt top (the Gramma quilt) while I was piecing.  Also, making it King size takes a lot
3. I get distracted easily by new brainwaves (I call them brain farts), like making the rocking chair pillow or trying a new quilt-along.  I feel like the dog in the movie 'Up' - squirrel!
4. I can join quilt-alongs by making a smaller project - both of my projects are going to be pillow covers.
5. I have to have a leaders & enders project ready to go - hence the Moth in a Window project.
6. If I have things set up and ready to go, I make more progress.
7.  If I tell myself I just have to spend 15 minutes or a half-hour in the sewing room, I can get a lot accomplished instead of just surfing the net.
8. Netflix is great background noise - I watched all three available seasons of Drop Dead Diva, only to find out it's been canceled.  I hope it gets picked up by another network.
Moving forward, having a list of 5 projects is doable for me because it does leave me room for new little projects, so here is February's list:
  1. Complete Easy Street quilt top
  2. Finish my Pure Happy Quilting Quilt-a-long Quilt (and get a quilting corner set up)
  3. Finish Just Takes Two Pillow Cover
  4. Finish Starburst and Scrappy-Trip along
  5. Finish Red & White Just Takes Two Table Topper
Thanks, Lynne, for starting this linky party.  I feel like I will get some finishes this year, and learn more about myself in the process that will help me progress in the future!
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  1. It's funny the things we learn about ourselves and the methods by which we learn them,isn't it? I've learnt that I don't like switching threads or feet, especially if the tension on my machine is affected!


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