Friday, February 15, 2013

Triple-Zip-along - FAIL!

Of course, I waited to the last minute to finish my bag.  Up until last night, all I had done was cut my outer fabric.
And, of course, I didn't stick to the pattern - I wanted a bag big enough to hold a magazine (namely, Vignette by Leanne Beasley) and all the materials for my embroidery project (currently Vignette in Stitches out of the same magazine).
Well, so much for that idea!  I forgot I should have designed the bag to accomodate the size of opening I needed (and to account for the amount of bulk the fusible fleece adds).
So far so good, until I went to open the zippers!
It's hard to tell, but the top two open from the left, the bottom grey one from the right!
Everything else went great, from the inside pockets,

to fitting my embroidery hoop perfectly,
and I even had success with "organic" quilting lines (although I found it a lot harder to make wavy lines - I really had to force myself not to be straight - go figure, any other time they'd be wonky!)
So overall, I love the bag - it would have been better if I could fit my magazine in it, but it will fit smaller patterns fine.  My bag ended up being 9 1/2" tall by 11 1/2" wide - perfect to carry my large pieced blocks to embroider. The largest one measures 36 1/2"x 36 1/2", the next largest is 36 1/2" x 18 1/2"; I won't have to squish them up.
Here's one prepped for embroidery!
Thanks to Debbie, my neighbour to the south in Seattle, for finally getting me off my butt and doing this bag I've planned since I first saw the tutorial last summer.  I'm linking up to the Flickr group at  - you'll want to check out all the pouches - there is almost 200 to see!


  1. oh I'm sorry it's not QUITE as big as you'd hoped, but it's super cute, and I think the zip direction could be called a design decision? ;-) Thanks so much for joining in the zip along!

  2. It looks great! Who wants all their zips opening the same way anyway? Much more fun to have one zip doing its own thing :)

  3. I third that! Triple Zips have attitude and go in the direction THEY want to go! Your pouch is super cute!
    And I want to see your next one...prepped for embroidery!


  4. Thanks, everyone! @legato1958 - I just realized I have never done a detailed post on that project so I will get one done this week for sure. it's one of those long-term projects that keeps getting put aside.

  5. Really like your triple zip pouch - I need to stop procrastinating and make one. Could you tell me where you got the "Keep Calm" fabric please.

  6. An individual quirky bag - what's not to like! And now you've had some practice, you can make another that will fit your magazine!


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